Why is the fourth baseball strong?

First, there is no standard theory. Baseball theory will develop continuously according to the enhancement of player performance, and it is only suitable for the application in a specific situation.

This answer was originally to help the subject solve the problem, so the original answer is only a brief discussion of the traditional “center line” theory relying on the fourth stick as the attack. The goal is to answer the question, not to explore the trend of “why is the fourth stick replaced?”. I hope you will consider the answer from the perspective of the answer. But since so many people, including some friends who use traditional Chinese characters, think the theory is outdated or biased, I think it is necessary to improve it. Although it is still impossible to summarize all the theories and explain them clearly. It always takes effort to reason with a friend who knows baseball

Baseball is a game that plays with brain power rather than physical strength. Especially in the high-level game where players play stably, the real focus of baseball is the strategic layout and tactical application. As an example in high school, reciting ancient Chinese prose and blind reciting can only help you fill in the examination papers and understand the context of ancient Chinese prose so that you can feel the brilliance of ancient Chinese prose. Sometimes you’ll notice that in certain situations, the coach’s line up for the team.


There will be changes. Changes include the pitcher’s starting rotation, relay and terminator selection, and order of play. If we only talk about marking order, the traditional theory is “central marking theory” (the original answer). In fact, in recent years, the theory of order making that has been developed and applied is basically a variation of center marking or its tendentious application. New theories rarely emerge. Several common theories:

Variant of centerstroke: centerstroke moves forward. This is to say that my old answer colleagues raised the banner of the past two years in ML B supernova. Specifically, the order of the original 3, 4.5.6 clearing hitter (power hitter) was changed into 2, 3.4.5 or even 1, 2.3, 4 (center hitter in BOLD). Supporters believe that since the order of play itself has changed after the first inning, theoretically, pushing better hitters forward will give them more hits. The problem is that the subsequent rod is weak (still continuity problem). Example: in 2017, dodge faced the problem of no continuity in the fifth stroke. Contact hitter vs power hitter: same, eternal topic. — in the past, there has been a verbal battle about the order of contact versus strength hitters, and the data can only find a balance. (from a player’s point of view, knowing your role can improve performance on the field. The example is Suzuki Ichiro. )