Who are AFC patriots and Steelers most likely to be in the Super Bowl this year?

All the data of the game directly shows that the Steelman was playing under the pressure of the chief at that time. But the Steelers made a total of 10 thrusts, excluding the two thrusts before the end of the first half and the second half. The other eight thrusts resulted in six free kicks, one interception and one abandonment – there was no one arrival in the whole field. I mentioned in the previous prospective that although the data of chieftain’s defense is not outstanding, there are many stars in it. It’s a very talented and underrated team. In addition to the ability of the chief’s defense team, the other reason why the Steelers failed to reach the formation was the efficiency of the Steelers’ attack within 30 yards of the chief’s half court. The attack of rugby is just like the choreography. 11 players need to be familiar with their roles and tasks in various situations, so that the team can attack like a quickie. I believe that Mike Tomlin and other coaches will have special arrangements to solve this problem this week.


Le’veon bell pushed 167 yards on the ground in the race against dolphins. In this race, he continued his high light performance, making 30 strokes and 170 yards. It’s good news for the Steelers that le’veon bell, who entered the playoffs for the first time in his career, has such amazing results. The Patriot le’veon bell is about to face has excellent running ability. Who is the better, will influence the direction of the game.