Which is the best choice for DIY T-shirt printing?

It mainly depends on the material of your T-shirt fabric. If it’s polyester fabric, I think since the subject says it’s customized, I don’t think it’s too large. You can consider thermal transfer printing and thermal transfer digital printing. It’s mainly to print ink on coated transfer paper through digital printing equipment, and then transfer it to cloth through high temperature and high pressure at about 220 ℃ and do it Ready to wear. Or we can consider coating digital printing. At present, digital printing equipment has digital printing for white T garment. As for the coating, there is no special requirement for the fabric, which can be done in theory. The defect is that the fastness is not particularly good, generally around 3. Before the hand feel, it was relatively hard and airtight, but now the technology has been improved slowly, and the comfort has been greatly improved. If the active digital printing can be considered for the fabric such as cotton, the process will be much more complicated. The fabric needs to be pretreated, and then the ink will be sprayed on the cotton directly, and then it will be steamed and washed.













In the garment customization industry, for small batch customization, the commonly used printing processes are as follows: 1. Heat transfer process is light resistant, water washable, strong color fastness, which can be exposed to the sun for a long time, without deformation and color change, and has a very rich color expression. It can be used for character pictures (limited to light color heat transfer), small words, letters, corporate logo, etc Qing Dynasty, complex pattern, dark color with 6 pixel stroke, light color with 12 pixel stroke, will not change the path of the original image, heat transfer production process is more, longer time.