What is garment color printing

Garment color printing, as the name implies, is to do color printing on garment or cloth for garment. This is a very broad word.

In fact, it’s not only clothing that can be processed by color printing, but many other products can be processed by color printing, such as socks, gloves, scarves and so on.

Color printing can also be interpreted as printing a color pattern on a Chinese product. But there are many ways to print color patterns, and there are many different processes. Such as: screen printing, hot transfer, sublimation, etc.


When making clothing screen printing, only from the perspective of printing materials, there are offset printing (offset printing), watermark (water paddle printing), which can make color effect.

The same is true of hot transfer and hot stamping, which can make excellent color patterns.

In sublimation heat transfer printing, the paper color pattern is transferred to the chemical fiber clothing or clothing sheet by using the sublimation principle, so as to obtain a perfect pattern with excellent firmness.

Some notes:

Clothing screen printing processing, if the fabric is dark, usually offset. If it is light color or white cloth, you can do watermarks, you can also do offset printing, which is flexible according to customer requirements, the overall effect is different.

Heat transfer hot stamping, that is, it can be pressed on dark fabric or light or white fabric, with high color reduction and poor air permeability.