The playoffs or even in the Western Conference finals

As for the Los Angeles drivers, they don’t know where they want to change you. They don’t understand this. So James is warning these teammates to play hard and seriously. This incident also reflects one of our problems. I don’t know. As my personal opinion, James, don’t look at what he said. He said that our team is very young.

Our team should cultivate James’s new talent slowly. He has always been fighting for the championship. You said that James is 33 years old and 34 years old and 38 years old. There are still a few years to go. How much time can he give the Lakers to cultivate? There is not much time. Can he give up his career? Is that right? If he is 20 years old now, I believe his words are really not from the bottom of his heart, but he is 34 years old. Do you think he is right.

Well, it’s just superficial. He must want to play in the playoffs or even in the Western Conference finals. Even if he wants to fight for the championship, it’s impossible. It’s impossible. Unless the warriors have someone to pay for it, Hannah has to watch the weather, so let’s say.