Scientific advertising + my post reading feeling of advertising career 10 selected articles

Scientific advertising + my advertising career is a 238 book published by Claude C. Hopkins and published by Chinese publishing house. The price of the book is 45.00 yuan and the number of pages is 201010. The article is a carefully organized post reading feeling of some readers, hoping to help you.

After reading “scientific advertising + my advertising career” (I): Draft: give up the game of self entertainment and make a purposeful, planned and feedback advertisement conscientiously

Words written in the front:

It should have been a month ago to take over the book from Mr. Wu. Busy – I am as mediocre as all advertising dogs. I live a life of luxury even sleeping. I haven’t opened this book in the past month because I want to read it carefully.

Ten one is a seven day long holiday. It took six days to visit their relatives, get together with friends, and finally spend half a day reading. I read very fast, about an hour and a half to see the “scientific advertising part”, there is a feeling of “top”.


Digest into your own words:

After a brief look, I close the book and think about the contents of the book in my mind. What impresses me most are the following two parts:

First, we should make advertisements that attach importance to effect. It’s not uncommon for advertisements without evaluation. I have been engaged in advertising for one year and five months since I joined China Vocational College, and the advertising investment I have handled should have exceeded 20 million yuan. Then, what effect has our advertising investment achieved, what proportion of actual sales has been achieved, and what impact has it had on the mind of consumers… These problems I have wanted to understand, but never Have done real research and feedback. This kind of advertising makes me feel terrible. “The only purpose of advertising is to achieve sales,” says author Hopkins, but I don’t know if the advertising I handle has any beneficial impact on sales. The author reminds us, why not spend a little cost to do a pilot before the large-scale advertising? Why not evaluate the advertising effect through the use proportion of coupons and the distribution of gifts / exchange coupons? Practice to know, we should really change the behavior of ignoring the advertising effect!