Reading life in oil painting

I went to see Mr. Xiao peicang’¬†oil painting exhibition sand felt a lot. Time has rendered all the things at that time with sad enamel, and has transited to the advanced technology today. I deeply realize that in that colorful oil painting, it not only carries Mr. Xiao’s emotion, but also records the changes of an era.

Mr. Xiao peicang’s paintings are mostly landscapes. In the beautiful scenery everywhere, his love for art and nostalgia for the countryside are precipitated. He painted a series of “window” works with the theme of southern Hunan Flower window, with delicate strokes to outline the window lattice and window lintel. The green tiles on the roof depict the fleeting time; the mottled walls because of the long time condense the background and story of this era. I think Mr. Xiao wants to use the form of painting to recall the pure white age that was washed clean by the torrential rain of “time”.


The streams and rivers in Xiao peicang’s works are like crystal clear gems. Water is the source of life. The streams and rivers painted by Mr. Xiao can be a trickle, flowing slowly, or a vast ocean, surging. “Benevolent people are close to mountains, wise people like water”. From Xiao peicang’s paintings, I feel that he is such a person. Only when the mind is as still as water, can we draw a realm. The source of any life is water, and it goes back to the source of Art – love. Because Xiao peicang loves art, his works always give people a kind of elegant and elegant. The heart of pursuing art is the best proof.