Oil painting language oil painting art paper

The course of oil painting language expression is the development and change of oil painting art. The transformation of an artistic language, to a certain extent, affects people’s way of thinking, and then changes people’s observation methods and aesthetic concepts, thus promoting their own development to varying degrees. It is a way for painters to think in images and turn this kind of thinking into silent things. Artistic thinking is the thinking that infuses the artist’s personality. To a certain extent, the difference of ideas determines the personality of oil painting expression. Therefore, a person who does not have the ability of independent thinking, a painter who can not use his own eyes to observe, and can not use his own mind to understand the world, his painting language is at most proficient and imitative, proficient in clich é s and parrot, and is not painting Producing excellent, novel and unique works. In the process of the world cultural development of art diversification, the artistic personality has been expanded, and the painting language has also been developed. The expression of oil painting language reflects the painter’s personality and aesthetic tendency. In the use of language, due to the influence of different factors, the characteristics of different language forms reflected in the picture are formed. Finally, through the artist’s character, different living environment in each painter’s oil painting creation is also different, forming a different style. Things are the real world that painters exist in.


Oil painting language is the way of spiritual pursuit and emotional expression of painters. Through the display of some artistic language form, the oil painting language presented in oil painting works appears as an aesthetic symbol. Through the oil painting language to show the objective things, through the perceptual grasp of the mind to the outside world, so that it has the characteristics of spiritual thinking and enlightenment. Van Gogh, a great master of Impressionism, tried to reveal the spirit with color in his oil painting wheat field and reaper, and expressed the joy of people when harvesting with dazzling golden yellow. With short and powerful strokes to convey the feelings of harvest, the strong color clear point rotation movement and exaggerated deformation image painting under his pen more vividly expressed his painting mood and emotion he wanted to express.