It’s good to put the novelty cage in the Laker team

Well, it’s said that the wizards are constantly infighting and the money is in chaos. Ah, Bill wall doesn’t want to play in this team any more. They both want to leave the team. Who are they going to go.

It must be, one ah, at least one ah, so it’s bill or wolch who pasted it upside down on instagram, saw James fans, James fans are still a big one, there are about a million people, pasted a picture, eh, woll pasted a picture of woll, dressed in the Los Angeles team’s Jersey, the text mark above is James, what do you think I don’t want to see it, wall.

The title of this picture is hypocritical, that is, is it possible for the Lakers. Now, yes, the deal of wall, ah, to make a bid or not to play as a combination of James and wall, then the original intention is good. It’s good to put the novelty cage in the Laker team and make the Laker team more competitive.

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