Is there any difference between graphic design and advertising design?

There is no difference in nature. The major of the university is advertising design and production. After graduation, I was in charge of the production and installation of the realistic spray painting banner carving in the advertising production workshop, and I would make booths for various meetings, erect the Heng frame, and install various advertising materials. Finally, I returned from the front line and chose to continue to do graphic design. In Party B, it is faced with different customers. The effect that the customers want is publicity. If there is a budget, there must be output. The overall creativity and design are inseparable, and the needs of customers are also different according to people and enterprise positioning. In Party A, the leader is the customer, mainly designing in the company, then it mainly depends on your personal design level + the leader’s vision. In fact, many things don’t have to be too constrained. After graduation, you can choose to work online or offline. UI design, e-commerce design and brand design are inseparable.

Advertising designers should not only have the basic skills of graphic design, but also understand and think about creativity. Output appropriate art forms for creativity to complete various output, such as advertising video, H5, offline. For example: it is not necessary to edit the video, but what kind of picture tonality is needed for video shooting, whether the scene is a real scene or a fake creative scene, the selection of models, etc. All of them belong to the work scope of advertising designers, so we prefer to call ourselves art.