Can he make more than four blocks next season

Among the honorary nominations, well, at that time, I, I had to try my best to say that the problem was whether he could break into more than four blocks next season. Now it seems that we were a little too optimistic about the prediction at that time, but in fact, I understand why you are so optimistic. Is it because Nick has changed his coach and management.

The previous two coaches have buried this. Michelle Robinson’s talent, ah, the new system may let him release his rights. Yes, someone’s new coach is a coach who encourages defense, so he will definitely reuse Michelle’s wechat. And you see, his summer training seems to have developed three-point goals.

I hope you’ll stop your talk. If you talk about it again, we’re going to have a complete show. Finally, I want to thank all the fans for their encouragement and support in this long season. From our original fans, chatting to now, we’ve got a lot of fans’ affirmation and love.

We are also very, very happy, and we hope that you can always pay attention to and like our program. In fact, as the anchor, we do basketball content. This past year has also made our time of watching basketball more interesting. In fact, we have discovered many possibilities before.

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Kobe’s last career was plagued by injuries

After that, I haven’t entered the finals in ten years, and I haven’t seen it in the past seven years. In this way, not only that, but also this team. Since the retirement of Kobe, including the last two years of Kobe’s career because of injuries, in fact, the team has been making this avant-garde choice which has been basically in the draft.

It’s right to fight, but basically it’s really self-cultivation. None of the young people are in their own team and stay in their own team. In the past few years, the Lakers really felt that the management of the Los Angeles Knicks was very, very chaotic before Lao Zhang came.

There are a lot of pictures and performances. The whole team doesn’t have any of this spirit. Besides, ah, the reputation among the players is at stake. Many of the top stars in the league. It’s a joke to say that joining the Lakers. In fact, it’s not only Jen in 2018, it’s more than two years ago.

To tell you the truth, last year, that is, we went back to March and 45, 2019, when James was injured and the Lakers bid farewell to the playoffs to fight for the A-D deal. At that time, the deal was not settled, and it might still be at such a stage of negotiation.

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It is because of the winning rate of rivers, a relatively stable coach

It’s hot because rivers is a relatively stable coach, especially the regular season record. One of the reasons why it’s tempting and disappointing this year is that their final regular season record is not very ideal, which leads them to meet a stronger team too early. Of course.

Illness must also be very important. Since you all asked me before, what is the goal of which team? Now I ask you this question. What do you think is the goal of the group of seven teasing people to step down? Ah, am, you really asked the point of the question. That’s why I don’t like the signing of the contract, because I think the goal of the 76ers next season is actually It should be rebuilt.

Maybe it’s not all from the beginning to the end, but I think the team’s lineup should be bold, texture, and now the team has four super contracts. Well, Peter Harris and Ben Simmons have proved that they can’t exist on the field at the same time, and this four-man group we used to be in before.

It is also mentioned in the program that the efficiency of their attack on the court is the last resource group in the league. Therefore, the existence of these four big contracts makes it difficult for this team to go further in the playoffs if any coach is changed next year. Therefore, it is time for the holders.

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At that time, there was really an invisible mine in this place

So I think that no matter at that time or any other coach, there was a very big challenge. I think in addition to this, the more important one is that the disadvantage is actually experience. Although in recent years, there are many rookie coaches, there are many cases in which the coach who joined this team in the first year led the team to win the championship.

Yes, I think how a player can transform his experience as a player into that of a head coach. In fact, the experience still needs a period of time. How to turn that into a coach at the level of championship and finals in a year’s time? In fact, there is a considerable risk. Yes, you don’t want to.

Fat, there is also a very, very terrible problem, that is, when Nash signed with the Nets coach, there were many black players, including the retired player, who came out to talk about this very sensitive race issue. Now the American race problem is a very serious one.

Ah, well, I’m very optimistic about the signing of this landmine, but from the point of view of moyley, you can see why it is you who have just signed the contract.

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All of his deals are foreshadowing for a bigger operation later

It always makes people feel that these transactions are foreshadowing for greater operation, which reminds me that the nets made a lot of transactions before Owen and Durant signed last year, such as changing klebsieu to hawks to clean up.

Important space at that time, after the deal, Eminem also immediately stood up. He said that the nets should have big moves and big money. That’s right. Ah, now I feel a bit like that. It’s calm before the storm. First of all, the net was replaced by Musa earlier this week.

The pistons point guard, Bruce Brown, is also a defensive player and the great God in our three C’s. they are very strong in stealing the magic king, and then they completed a three-way trade with the pistons and the Clippers on the 19th of this year’s draft convention, and got their shooter shammett from the Clippers.

The nets signed No.19 in the first round, sent it to the pistons, and their Luke Kennard gave the Clippers a pole in exchange for a young player. The shooting power of the shooter and a defense barrier are not worth talking about, but it is a very good defense position and then steals very much.

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I haven’t signed yet. How could I be traded

Our players went to get in touch with them. If they did, they would have reached the agreement, then the deal would not be cancelled. I think this problem may be the Bucks’ problem, but more likely it is the king’s problem. The king didn’t say hello to Bogdanovic and took it. The Bucks’ chips told the bucks.

It’s OK. Don’t worry. I’ve already said hello to me. He will come to me. You can pay for it. The bucks are stupid. They give their players three packages to the king. They may also be more stupid and leak this news to the media. Bogdanovic may be eating hot pot at home and suddenly swiping his mobile phone.

I haven’t signed yet. How could I be traded? It must be wrong. There must be something wrong. From this, I found that, ah, there is a missing link in the middle, that is, the king has not talked about the wave of the upcoming free agent market and has not renewed his contract. This is just like you, the seller, and you have no goods.

So you start to sell this product, right? For example, amo went to the super m and said that my T-shirt was what I pursued, and then you sold it online. But in fact, he got the money from the resale before he got the goods. So from this point of view, if the management of the king is not good at business, it will be.

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At that time, he was a rookie eager to show his dunk and breakthrough skills to the world

Then he talked about the title of the book, bought, which was the nickname given by O’Neill to Kobe in rookie season. At that time, he was a rookie eager to show his dunk and breakthrough skills to the world. Kobe didn’t like the nickname very much, he thought.

He had a flashy impression on him. His father had quietly put a similar label on him, but from another point of view, the nickname also represented the game that Kobe and his father shared, and the holding of the match represented their gorgeous and charming proposal.

My father is a basketball player, this kind of thing is like flowing in my blood, Kobe explained that I love basketball, I also play other sports, but I get more fun from basketball than other childhood, Kobe often see his father in the Italian League.

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He has been struggling with back injuries and sore knees

As a result, many people think that James, who has played 13 seasons, should enter the stage of health care basketball and put more energy into the most important game. He doesn’t think so. He wants to play every game.

I’m training every day to maintain my best physical condition. I feel good about where I am now, and I hope my attitude and state can continue.

In the first few months of his return to Cleveland in 2014, James was not feeling well. He had been struggling with back injuries and knee pain. Cavaliers fans were worried about their city hero and had given their best time to Miami.

Now, James is worried about his playoff time, and he’s worried that he’s going to save his career time.

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NBA’s first show in history can score 20 points and 10 assists

When participating in all the events of the all star game, Lina replied, most people don’t have this opportunity. I just think it’s something that no one has done, and I have the ability to participate in all of them. Why not try to be the first person to participate in all five events, even if the first day of general Rila’s entering the League begins.

He changed a lot of things. Lillard coaxed down 23 points, 11 rebounds, 10 times and 10 assists in his first NBA career show. In NBA history, the first show can score 20 points and 10 assists. The only player above is legendary guard Isaiah.

Against Oscar Robertson, Lillard is more than a homestay. The energy in his body is worth looking forward to, although it’s just Lillard this season. Li Sheng played the fifth season, but in this short two years, vagrant experience many players have never had. In the summer of 2015, the four main players of the Trail Blazers left the team one after another, leaving a man standing on the ruins to face the young one who was a little strange.

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They have completely exposed their problems in the first two games

In the first round of the 2016-17 season playoffs, Bulls beat Celtic with softness. Friends may be taller, stronger, more talented, and more star like. However, they can’t be tough for a long time, but they can’t keep their softness. Celtics use their own.

In fact, some willful and long-lasting, after the series won, litchi, immediately walked east to the middle of the standing skills, including investment, contracts and active fall to the ground sacrifice skills, on the whole, although the Celtics are the first in the East.

In the first two games, they completely exposed their problems. Compared with the bulls, their physique suffered, their sports talent was insufficient, and their smell was not enough. They had to lose the third sister NBA championship and the champion, and jorendo played in the Celtics.

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