Brady won the Super Bowl six times. What can we learn from NFL media communication?

In the 53rd super bowl, the New England patriot beat Los Angeles Rams 13-3, winning the NFL Championship for the sixth time in the history of the team, equalling the most championship record of Pittsburgh Steelers. Tom Brady, the main quarterback who witnessed the six Championships, has become the person who won the most super bowl. His honor is called “God level”.


Media subscribing to NFL communications content services have long been expected to produce reports around these brilliant achievements. “Communication” means “communication” in Chinese. NFL communications is the special medium for communication between NFL official and media. As we all know, the enthusiasm of media reports is an important factor to measure the influence of sports events. Therefore, the vast majority of sports event organizers have media service awareness and set up special departments to connect with the media. Providing reference materials for the media is one of the most laborious work in the docking process.

Brady is in the game

NFL is the top four professional ball leagues in North America, and the super bowl is the most dazzling pearl in sports competitions. The analysis of NFL’s media content supply mechanism can provide a useful reference for domestic sports events: how to facilitate media reporting through the production of content, so as to strive for the expected reporting effect in line with the benefits of events.