It’s better to have a long-term contract

Come in a third position. It’s better to have a long-term contract, a three-year contract, a four-year contract, a low-cost contract. For the Rockets, it’s a long-term plan, and the plan is quite good. Therefore, the Rockets may have more operations.

It’s just that if there’s no problem with pop’s contract, it can be abandoned. There are two choices for the Lakers. Well, I think one choice is also quite ideal. It’s to give up the burden, give more draft rights and cash.

Abba’s carry trade is to try this lineup. Need, don’t need, fixed-point shooter to cooperate with James will come better.

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For last year’s playing time

We didn’t expect that you can play extremely even if you have three defenders. The most important thing is that the disadvantage represented by the Rockets after the game directly points to the problem of injury, because of the three Hansen defenders like harden Paul Gordon.

For last year’s playing time, everyone has two minutes more than the average playing time, especially compared with Paul’s veteran. Sorry to interrupt, especially compared with Paul’s veteran, we always say that Paul needs to play. In the playoffs, in the playoffs, in the regular season, if you use it like this, there will be problems, so the injury problem is a major hidden danger. Today, Paul played 12 minutes, scored 4 points and assisted 4 times.

Ah, d’antony said that he would be absent for a while. I don’t know if the injury will happen tomorrow after receiving MRI. Well, it’s very serious. Maybe we need to be absent for three to four weeks. It’s a big adverse effect on the Rockets. In fact, we don’t want to say this thing and we don’t want it to come true. After all, the Rockets have a lot of fans. Ha, they also have a lot of fans. Right.

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It’s the same with the Raptor

We have to fight, right? If we want to compete with the warriors, we have to recruit the big three and the big four. We have to strengthen the team in order to live forever. Otherwise, we have to be forced to go by the warriors in recent years. We just don’t have a chance. The real man is still bloody. He needs to fight, right. Or not to admit defeat, ah, including the boss of the team, right? They are also competing with each other.

So, other teams are also quick to strengthen. It’s exciting to see that they are still thinking about this, right? Hayne wants to do something else when he gets into Jimi Butler, right. It’s the same with the Raptors. Drow, I don’t like it, or it’s cool. Isolation is also like an idea. Right?

It’s the same with the current Lakers. Rockets, this is a guy who has no idea, no idea, just Murray, the whole class. But there are exceptions. Besides, most of the teams I do business with are doing this operation, so if I have this Durant, Durant may go to the Rockets, and the Lakers will stand on the ball.


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Warriors must go to the first place in the West

Drink, right? Finally, adjust it slightly. Ah, it’s better to move to a better ranking. The better ranking doesn’t mean it’s a higher ranking, because we know the Warriors must go to the first place in the West. It’s certain. But you can see from many traces. We also need to talk about it. There is another word. Today Lina is tough enough, right. We always said, ah, we mentioned that Lillard is a player who was very hated in the previous year’s program and the ending show. He is a killer today, but his three-point ball is the same as that of weishao. It is just a string of things that are not allowed on time.

Then, the heart liver is big. Ah, Lillard personally thinks that at the last moment, the ability to throw the ball is really strong, because he is not afraid of losing. Ah, it’s too horizontal. Ah, there is no problem with a lot of OK in this college. Of course some friends want to say that this must be the thing of “kill the old school kill the old man”. We will talk about it. We will talk about it later.

Also discuss this extinction and quasi extinction. Ah, well, how to define the term “anti kill”, let’s just say that. Well, now, today, it is a show that the Warriors also need to focus on some warriors. Now, it must be really the first in the West.

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To make 234 shots in every game

Breaking all kinds of records, so, er, I think it’s normal for you to make 234 shots in every game, depending on so many scores. It’s a manifestation of this ability, ah, it can also be thrown out. It can’t be done by ordinary people. Go and have a try. Every game, 20 times, 25 times, 6 times, 30 times, how tired you are. You know, very, very tired, not everyone will do this thing. So, er, vaguely see that Kobe has gained 33 points and 34 points.

I said that I would not be able to run even if I played like this today. In his year, ah, Kobe averaged 35 points per game and won the scoring champion. This season, ah, soul, 06070607, which one of the specific things I forgot, ah, well, at that time, newspapers, media and magazines were crazy.

Quick turn, in the crazy climb, Kobe’s news, back-to-back 40 plus 50 plus what messy 78, too many things, ah countless, the record has been refreshed, right, Meimei Kobe, ah, if you get 30 points today, 31 points, the media will say,Kobe only got 30 today, I can think, ah, can also quote. Aha, what is it? This year, harden only got 35 points, 8 rebounds and seven assists. Ah, he can also boast about it. Absolutely, he doesn’t have too many, um, no big opinions. I can be good, um, a lot. I’ll talk about it with you. The Laker team, ah, a friend asked you why you think about all this, warriors riding, the Laker rockets and so on, just talk about such teams, what young players don’t talk about, why don’t you talk about the previous information, oh, no time to pay attention, really.

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The first choice and the second choice

Er, I think that Thompson and James’ cooperation is the first choice. If it can be done, if it can be done, the first choice and the second choice. Today, I will mainly talk about the matching problem.

The second choice is Leonard and Jimmy Butler. I personally think these two players. In terms of ability, Leonard is a little bit higher than Michael Butler. That’s for sure, but once he gets to James, I think it’s about the same for both of them. This is about the same.

Don’t doubt that the hardness and strength of Jimmy Butler is not much worse than that, right. Including this level, or even breaking through this magical level, the physical strength of Jimmy Butler may be a little better, ah, it’s true, if we want to reach the stage of upgrading, ah, basically comparing his body, ah, I think, ah, Leonard is only high. Because we, know, we can see from a lot of games that Leonard is a more naive and docile player. When he wants to fight a tough fight, he still needs to have a kind of hardliners, such as abart’s ball.

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We can take these things out and blow them out

We can take these things out and blow them out. Should we have some material, right? So, it is, uh, right. It seems that, besides, Tibet coach, this is very good. I think it’s ok if you do it or who you change to do it. You did the following. Of course, we can’t deny Cole’s previous achievements and the training of the warriors.

It is so good that it has been on the right track. Right, who goes up? I don’t think it’s necessary to win a championship. It’s strange that the stove can also win the championship, right? Well, it’s OK to break a good hand and play. Durant’s right to play is not to weaken.

After all, Frank is also a superstar. Right. If he had only 22 points in the field, would he be happy. Ah, his sponsor is right. Is it right? The agent is happy. Right. Why? For corhins. Right. Curie. I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think you can take the exam. I think Cole can take these people apart.

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This kind of play right now

The concept of the small ball era that 12345 has been played by the warriors or led by the warriors has been very vague. Now we are talking about 12345 just functional. Well, it is clear that the 12345 is just functional. Come on, name, and don’t eat me in the real market. 12345 is the position.

That is, functional is very important. What function do you play on the court, so what position do you reflect, so we say that the Rockets team is only 135. O’wei didn’t understand this 24 weeks ago, because there is no such function on the cabinet. If you can’t understand us, then we may not be on a level.

Right. I can’t help it. I can’t help it. I will tell you that I personally feel this thing. It seems that I have said very thoroughly and very simple position of rocket team No. 1. On the one hand, hardenbauer has the ability to organize the ball with the master control ability, and can play double guard in position 2, but they still play in series team for more time. So Hardon is wrong with this kind of play right now.

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How do you go after these things

Six seven eight nine are all in the world, right. Next year green, Thomson, igdala, all four champions. How do you go after these things? Right. History scoring king is the most important point for James every time you talk about NBA scoring king. There is only one name, LeBron James, understand this, why? Some fans are stupid.

To say that our theory is not the essence. Say, the champion is not important, the scoring king is important. We never said this. If you have the champion, you can have enough. Almost, right, it is unnecessary. You always chase those champions. If you want to win the championship, you have to have the chance and some time. You can play it all the time. It is not right for you to join the warriors.

Do you want to mix the number of Champions League titles or add to your head? Useless you will not be the team and. Absolutely core, you these champions are useless, the team only one, the boss can enjoy the glory of these champions, right? Including now Durant Curie can only be Durant’s follow-up to carry bags, right, you don’t join.

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When he reaches the ordinary position

It’s easy to suffer losses when the expression ability is super strong. When he reaches the ordinary position, he also changes. Although it doesn’t matter a little slower, the ability of follow-up is still relatively strong.

You can see from this game that faliaode is the only one who prepares for the card, right? Monroe will come up from the mainland, Monroe will give it to Monroe. In other words, if you have this kind of wind, I’ll change it. No, if you don’t have this center, I’ll change the material. If you play Xiao Guo, you play me. If you have a spouse, you must ask me if I can cure the risk and if I can make up for it. Now I think it’s better to make up for Gordon’s contract.

If you don’t use it, it’s a waste of Wright’s contract. If you don’t get rid of it, it’s a waste of money. The last program said that it’s useless for so many small guards to play in the playoffs. A strong attack is the strongest. Only a strong attack can you go further. The Rockets use so many risks to develop. Even dream catch up, right?

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