James wants to win the history scoring champion

t’s just a matter of being able to admit that black James is a member of the group. It’s a matter of being able to admit that even if it’s over, don’t worry about these little things. As long as you admit it generously, you can say more about the opposite.

Ah, I don’t know how to admit it. I don’t know how to argue. That doesn’t make any sense. Ah, let’s have a personal view on the group. Let’s try to be brief. Let’s talk about it in detail later. If we have a chance to have a live broadcast, let’s have a good talk about it.

Ah, it’s very long, it’s very long, it’s very long, it’s very big, some of them said that I told you, so let’s talk about any sports competition, sports competition, competition, um, speaking of this, we also need to answer the comment of a previous netizen, ah, it’s not that this netizen has money, Pluto. Record this thing, ah, take record this thing too lightly. Well, for Curry’s records, we always say that James wants to win the history scoring champion, which is very important and valuable. I even think it’s more important than the championship. You don’t believe we can prove it. You don’t believe we can see it.

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These two teams are very stable

You don’t believe in Spurs, you have to believe in Popovich, right? Did you say that I can go forward, turn right, turn to last year, November, ah, the end of October, November, when we are on hand, we say that the pioneers. That is, the touchstone of the west, these two teams are very stable, very stable, you have played the pioneers, played the Spurs, you can enter the playoffs, these two teams are the teams that verify your quality, well, a very good stumbling block, played the Spurs.

What kind of team can beat the Spurs? You have to find out what kind of team the Spurs are. The Spurs are a team with strategic and tactical skills. A team with very high self-cultivation is a disciplined army. Do you understand what a disciplined army is?

You play with him regularly. Routine, ah, you can’t play with him. You play routine with him. How do you want to die? You play routine with him. You don’t have special weapons. You don’t have nuclear weapons. You don’t believe me. The three and four cores are super winners in the history of Shuihua brothers. You can’t play it.

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There is no conflict and no conflict

Do you know what he asked of you? For the expectations and expectations that your team should achieve, right? Four to two, we lost, right? We didn’t seize the opportunity, we didn’t honor our father, we didn’t get the victory that we should get, but we still got the promotion, but we got the promotion. We, in terms of strategy and tactics, have lost to our opponents.

In this case, there is no conflict and no conflict. So what is the conflict between the 76ers and the nets? Is there any conflict? I don’t understand. I really think these fans are really angry. It’s a pity that their understanding ability is worrying. Well, I’ll go back to the Rockets. This check is also tomorrow’s game. We also said that if the Jazz take the lead first, don’t be surprised. I don’t think it’s unexpected. Then the Rockets also need to wake up and reflect well.

Last year, it was 4-1. Last year, it was 4-1. Yes, I think it’s not qualified. It’s also unqualified. The Jazz team and the Rockets team are mutually reinforcing. Sir Alex is against the Rockets team. He’s only playing those teams with big brothers. He can’t fight against the big guys. He can’t beat kirbert big or small.

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Is a championship so important to him

For this coach, ah, the professional level and quality cultivation are OK. There is no problem at all. He is an excellent coach, but I don’t agree with his character. If you are still a Chinese, I don’t think there is any room for you. You can forgive him. I can choose not to forgive him. I don’t want to forgive such a man who is arrogant and arrogant.

He is a lowland people of yellow race. I won’t forgive him. I don’t like him in this environment. It also covers up the facts, right? Gu Zhi, Durant’s career, regardless of forcing Durant to come back for such a long time to die, I don’t know why. Is a championship so important to him? A championship will ruin your career.

The future of a super scorer rarely seen in history, a superstar rarely seen in history, is the honor of Nicole. Nicole’s citizen is a citizen. Is it the body of Durant? The future of Durant’s career will be your sacrifice.

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So it is basically impossible for veterans with basic salary to get a contract


See my netizen ah, in the message right, say right half, I personally think ah, so I am right now this second round of signing, there are three ah, this year there are three rookies signed, right, is to leave space for Durant and Thomson’s contract, well, actually say half. When it’s a wrong interpretation, a wrong statement, it’s not like this.

We need to know, ah, if we sign Durant, if now, Thomson signs curry, curry has signed the top salary, leaving Thomson brantner with the top salary of three players for each team, the team basically has no space, right? If we want to pretend. Not enough, but only rookies, veterans and middle class can fill all the 15 contracts of the team. So it is basically impossible for veterans with basic salary to get a contract. For those who have something to do, they can only get a very low salary.

They must have something to ask for. Why don’t the Lanny warriors fight? Why don’t the Lakers fight? Why don’t they choose their own democracy? Why don’t the good birds choose their own trees? In fact, it’s not. Well, it’s mainly me who can win the championship for them. Go to those who are more powerful and capable.

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