NBA’s first show in history can score 20 points and 10 assists

When participating in all the events of the all star game, Lina replied, most people don’t have this opportunity. I just think it’s something that no one has done, and I have the ability to participate in all of them. Why not try to be the first person to participate in all five events, even if the first day of general Rila’s entering the League begins.

He changed a lot of things. Lillard coaxed down 23 points, 11 rebounds, 10 times and 10 assists in his first NBA career show. In NBA history, the first show can score 20 points and 10 assists. The only player above is legendary guard Isaiah.

Against Oscar Robertson, Lillard is more than a homestay. The energy in his body is worth looking forward to, although it’s just Lillard this season. Li Sheng played the fifth season, but in this short two years, vagrant experience many players have never had. In the summer of 2015, the four main players of the Trail Blazers left the team one after another, leaving a man standing on the ruins to face the young one who was a little strange.

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They have completely exposed their problems in the first two games

In the first round of the 2016-17 season playoffs, Bulls beat Celtic with softness. Friends may be taller, stronger, more talented, and more star like. However, they can’t be tough for a long time, but they can’t keep their softness. Celtics use their own.

In fact, some willful and long-lasting, after the series won, litchi, immediately walked east to the middle of the standing skills, including investment, contracts and active fall to the ground sacrifice skills, on the whole, although the Celtics are the first in the East.

In the first two games, they completely exposed their problems. Compared with the bulls, their physique suffered, their sports talent was insufficient, and their smell was not enough. They had to lose the third sister NBA championship and the champion, and jorendo played in the Celtics.

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It’s just that he plays from different angles

With this result, his words also changed from indirect to direct, even if it was one or two or three assists, but it can not be without them. The game of assists has also become a turning point. Since then, Owen can play in a game.

The wind is not smooth, the state is not good, but in the absence of his own assists Gao Lin, Owen said, just look at his game angle is different, excuse me, in the future we can look at the game through a common perspective, which corresponds to James’ concept, whether it is a friend or not, we come here.

In order to achieve the goal of zero goal, Owen began to learn how to solve his own troubles. The relationship between James Owen and last season in 2016 was essentially different from that of last season. Although the team sometimes had some performance parts, it was not ideal, but the communication between the two core teams.

And it’s much more valuable, even if sometimes it seems the same contradiction, when you have such a leader, it can be fierce in any situation, we have never seen, he looks tired or overwhelmed.

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James mentioned it in a conversation

James mentioned it in a conversation and didn’t say it casually. LeBron James was interviewed by LeBron James before the start of his 11th season from 2013 to 2014. This reporter’s interview mainly focused on his position in the league and how he was.

Compared with those, deal with the relationship between yourself and those friends who are envious of each other on the field, while chatting and laughing with each other off the field, in the interview.

The confirmation highlighted Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, who made himself his son, school uniform, like my brother James, and said, “listen, when all the games are over, when we choose to retire.”.

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The player I’m introducing to you today is Corey brewer

The player introduced to you today is Corey brewer. On March 17, 2018, thunder won the clippers and scored 22 points. It is worth mentioning that this is Corey brewer coming to the thunder. After the seventh game, in place of Houston after starting, Hulunbeier in five consecutive starting field average contribution of 12.8 points and 3.1 rebounds, she is no longer the team cancer in everyone’s eyes, but with thunder this team very much.

A player who loves to laugh is like finding his old time with his mentor Donovan at the University of Florida. He has recovered his original innocent smile. Maybe only when he plays under his master, Dole can return to his infatuation. Ah, hofford fought side by side and won NCCA for two years. Thunder coach, Donovan Snoring is my love

As for a selfless guy, it’s common for us to exchange courtyards, but when you’ve been changing teams, you’ll also feel upset and sad. Talking about brewer’s career, you can’t help but associate these words with vagrant trading. So far, she has changed seven teams, and all the balls on the team can make up for the seven colors of the rainbow.

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Win every game, give your all

Playing on the court, after all, is a unique sight for maslanard. The circus has been waiting for a circle of suspicion, but the solo problem that never appears is always deeper than ever. We don’t know whether to let it be proud.

In the evening, he had a stomachache. He went back well and thought about it. With his support as always, he got back to the recognition including go. This season, the Spurs’ playoff edge also goes that way, is the front desk of the second tier League, even if rookie No. 21, one hand, as long as Popovich is still there.

Said that will be overthrown, long lost love, many people this year asked, or the Spurs, won every game, give their full strength.

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McGrady was traded in front of the house

Once upon a time, McGrady was traded to the Knicks. Because of his age and the pursuit of life, his performance was not satisfactory. In the field together crazy inevitably, there are no substitutes, even for this time and worry, can not help but interest people, later, the piston voluntarily changed its role to accept the position.

Playing conscientiously and conscientiously, tuoya didn’t choose to stay. Then, McGrady signed a contract with hawks to play diligently. Occasionally, I could talk about the teenage maniac and score continuously. I still remember the most practical time in those years. The influence of 13 point rate in the last quarter of T-Mac was the most practical one. How much I hope McGrady is like this.

But the cruelty of sports is that no matter what, McGrady didn’t get a single offer at the end of the season. However, no one is interested in, which makes people feel sad, but McGrady did not give up on this. He decided to move to CBA. The away fans defected one after another and cheered for each goal of McGrady.

When I saw McGrady, I couldn’t help crying. The significance of McGrady to them was self-evident. It made the Chinese fans on the other side of the ocean so crazy. This has been a great praise for T-Mac’s career, but. Although McGrady played very hard, but compared with other foreign aid beast level performance is still slightly inferior, the end of the season Qingdao missed the playoffs, elected the All Star Ticket king, to give up the all star game and left China.

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The first goal is to limit harden

They are not allowed. The first goal is to limit harden. I believe that limiting the harden Lakers is the goal. He only made 12 shots and hit six, including four three-point shots and 13 free throws. Compared with the first round, harden’s number of brutes was significantly reduced. For the thunder, Hadden made 20.3 shots per game.

More than eight free throws, even in the first game against the Lakers, he made 20 shots and 12 free throws. However, harden is still as efficient as ever. However, the score of the last game will be 27 points this time, while Gordon’s 24 points will be similar to the 23 points in the previous game. Alas, different knowledge.

There are 24 points on the back reduced to 10 points, which is the biggest change of the three musketeers of the Rockets in the last game. The round trip from leading 21 points to falling 5 points is the reversal of 26 points. You need to be calm and adhere to the established strategy, which requires enough confidence and determination. Do you want to say that the Lakers are not flustered? I don’t believe it.

That’s the inside information brought by the old team and the old star. Rondo was judged for foul making, and the defending foul was challenged for the Laker. Then, when the referee was watching the video, Rondo was surrounded by James Davis, carluso and Morris. Rondo in that scene was really like a coach. It was simple. Rondo was much better than the last one.

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The initiative is in the hands of letters

After Durant made an amazing choice, the transmission from the beginning to the end was sealed in history. Now, many teams including the warriors have turned the secret surge into semi public seduction. The initiative is in the hands of letters. The Bucks can only be this diehard.

That letter won’t renew their contract ahead of time. Bucks are like thunder in 2015, and will not know his choice after the end of the next season. Or, if next year is out of the game as badly as these two years, the Bucks don’t have to be like thunder in 2016, needless to say, you can guess the dead party.

There will be rewards in the autumn without commitment. For example, the Raptors won the championship even if Leonard stayed for only one year. But in that year, the Raptors were not difficult to choose. They were ready to leave. So after winning the championship, they broke up, Mengmeng and she were polite bucks and thunder.

The teacher is not very good. They put their hope on the letter and the future of the team. Once Durant left, it was gone. Why? After Durant left, he took the MVP. The Bucks didn’t expect Middleton to get the MVP. The letters also have their own difficulties. This team has raised her for seven years.

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The same tactical clippers never cracked

They will also wear these three points. If the Clippers are tight in defense and joachic and catcher launch the second wave of attack, then I specially made a schematic demonstration of this tactic. There are two identical tactics. They all use the same way to shoot the key three points, one in two points.

Two minutes and 20 seconds, and the other is in two minutes and 06 seconds. Although you can see, although the final passer is Craig and Murray, the global people are different, but the tactics are the same soldier, the clippers have never cracked, the same attack once again directly killed the game, and at that time, it made the score become 100.

109-93, 16 points ahead, with only two minutes left in the game, so the problem with the clippers is not whether they feel good or not, or the defense, especially the rotation stage, which seems to be difficult to solve in just two days. Therefore, it is not alarmist that the clippers have a bit of trouble, even if the seven snatches have passed the Nuggets.

After running through them, they have been observing and passing for several days. They are like a government game, but their father is the lowest on the bench. The sixth game dropped to – 19, even implicated George, and made her have ugly earplugs in statistics. Because, ah, George always takes their substitutes to play for a long time. Although Luwei keeps an average of 10.5 points per game, her attack is still the same.

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