I am willing to fine you!

To finish Paul George, Paul George must have destroyed him with money, or friendship, money, love, friendship and kinship. Love and money destroy, it destroys her faith, right? Um, Paul George, Californian, um, this, the team you can go to, they are like this. No way, er, to Los Angeles, ah, to the Lakers, I believe it must be the best choice, and it’s right, right. In terms of function, it makes sense for you to play there anyway, right? Well, forgive me for my childhood dream. I believe he must have watched the Los Angeles Lakers’ clippers when he was born. He played this and so star and became his own worship.


Are idols right? Um, these players, these basketball players who slowly step into the palace of life, become their own idols, lead themselves, work hard, ah, in this respect, is this sport infinite development. Every star has his own idol, every player has his own idol, which is sure, right? Now many people come out, little sister, come out and say I’m watching James play. How old is James? James is an idol? It’s NBA players. There are several players this year, interview, which said. James, Allie is his former idol. It seems that James should also retire. Oh, do you want to retire for three or four days

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Chalmers and Cole

want to know where none of the second brothers have gone. James, what kind of teammates are they? Count them by yourself to see what kind of teammates they are, what kind of achievements they have left the heat, what kind of achievements they have left. They are all old guys who are not wanted by others. The leftovers are, ah, how old Battier used to be, and how old Miller is, right. Tianjin, how old is Foley? Ah, how old is Ray Allen? How old is Ray Allen? Now, where are Chalmers and Cole, where Birdman Anderson is, where is the team? Right? Where are these players? Where is Smith? Do you have a bite to eat. It’s not bad. OK, I think the ball is also very good. It’s just that there are too many injuries. Um, this, Jackson once said, is that the player who kills him is easy to get hurt. If he doesn’t get hurt, he is also a very good player, which is easy to be injured. The other two players are doing what you can’t eat.


You don’t know who he is now. You know what position he is in. Ah, pig teammates are all pig teammates. They are indeed pig teammates. It’s true that pig teammates are all right. But you can’t blame James for his pig teammates. James can reach the finals with a group of pig teammates, and they can win the championship. You have to. But James is powerful.

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O’Neill from inside

Why do you say that. Ah, because Peter is not the traditional type. He has the ability of outside projection. O’Neill can’t defend him. In other words, Peter is out there. When he comes out of O’Neill’s house, he can only follow the outside. That’s because he is trapped by Peter. The NBA’s long-range shooting ability can only brush the score. You can’t get through O’Neill from inside, that’s not to say that you can’t get through with Peter. If you had released these players early, ten years ago, there was basically no food to eat, there was no chance, and there was no such possibility. The coach gave you a big inside player to put outside, throw, and give you three points to shoot outside.


It’s to make you throw away crazy, and don’t even go in rebounds. No, it’s impossible. It’s impossible. You put it more than 10 years ago. 20 years ago, basically, you didn’t have any food to eat. Unless, you, have certain, coordination, organization and ability, then we can say that you are technical, center, right? Technical. Ah, and the concept is actually very vague, because at that time, such players were very rare

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Rockets continue to replenish the front line!

Don’t stick to the position any more. Ah, the concept of position is very, very vague. Paul George, let’s point out that the finishing touch of our business can point out the position free basketball. Ah, it’s very good. This concept is very clear and accurate. It will be the second thing. Now, the Rockets are using their preparation, ah, to make an offer to the whole league, that is to use Wright and a first round signing to exchange for a 3D player. This is the American local report athletic. As we said before, ah, er, it has lost for a long time, OK.


It’s been a long time, a long time, really, for a long time. Every time I think about the Rockets, they will mention this matter. Ah, the Rockets hope to exchange a 3D player with Wright and a first round signature. They are still preparing this rifle in this position. If it doesn’t leak, the rifle will not be missed. That is to say, the Rockets are still not satisfied with this position, which coincides with our idea and our judgment. Ah, because you can understand the Rocket Game anyway, you know that the rocket team is short of. So, er, we say, only Tucker is enough for fario. Barely enough, 0.5

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the Grizzlies are going to do

Now is the era of burning money. Duncan has retired. Ah, Duncan’s player of historical level. He is the Spurs’ team. Now, 20 years of luck has passed. You can see the competitiveness of the Spurs in recent years. Well, it’s not enough. It’s not competitive. It’s a little bit bad. But the skinny camel is bigger than the man. With Popovich, it’s careless. Ah, don’t expect too much about this kind of trade. Let’s change it. Unless, ah, there’s something wrong with the grizzly bear’s brain. Now, the Grizzlies. There is no clear point, but there are reports that, ah, the Grizzlies are going to do, trade or compete with the Hornets. This can be changed with the first round signing. Anyway, it’s better than me. We said it’s also a garbage contract. If we change the first round, it’s not right, then the Grizzlies will not lose, and the family will be able to get rid of it.


Ah, this contract can also be solved. If we lose the Grizzlies, if we want to make a deal, it’s a bad contract. If you come here, it’s a bad contract. In the past, I didn’t want a bad contract. Basically, don’t think about it. The all star level deal is still under consideration. Kang, Lijia, Xiaojia are stupid to replace Lori’s big Wallen.

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The East ushers in a new king!

The Lakers have also brought in some shooters and Ozu Bartz, and changed moscara. Ah, there are friends, big brothers who talk about the space type big front space line and big brother. Three points, I personally think it’s useless. Take it and see it. In fact, well, this operation, we said before, is why it doesn’t work. Don’t expect it. If this kind of player can be useful in the playoffs, then the Laker team-mates will be a top loser after playing these young players. I don’t expect it. Ah, there are friends who say that it’s about Anthony. As we said before, Anthony wants to come to the Lakers. First, we need to deal with Anthony Davis. After that, we can cut some veteran’s base salary, ah, this, this, this, and Cameron has passed.

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Well, now that all the players are in the situation, the stars return to their positions. Although it was a bit chaotic before, right? It made people panic. I think this thing has been done very badly, really bad. Today’s game, ah, if you lose the Lakers, it’s really bad luck. It’s really down the road, and the morale is lax. That is, why do you want to win the ball. It’s very special. It reflects things. Ah, it’s a good sign to pull him out and beat him. Jiqi is a good signal. James is lucky, and he’s really good

then Owen and Durant are obviously stronger

Well, I’d like to make some personal comments on this. Ah, in the case of the last goal, who should be handed over to James. Don’t say Zan mu, Captain Si can’t make two points. It’s not the most accurate way to make a breakthrough. If you can’t drag in when you’re defending the joint defense, then Owen and Durant are obviously stronger. Leonard must be excluded. There is another ah, this, er, James Harden.


It’s such a combination, ah, the ball to James, right? James to organize, right? He passes to who doesn’t need to go, singles terminal singles at this time is the most stupid way to do, the most stupid way is to take responsibility, but a friend has to ask, ah, players are not many in the last ball. Singles and superstar singles, right? Well, it depends on the absolute core of the team to play singles, right? That’s because at this time, there are only one or two such players in team B. right? When you have five all star players, you don’t need such tactics. Is that right? If the opponent is not five all stars. Do you still use such tactics? Go again, singles, ah, cook for three to two, showing absolute superiority. Then the ball control must be empty. In this way, lock it and let him distribute it. It can break through and create better opportunities for passing. So, we are still discussing Durant’s final goal. Owen, there is no relationship between two points and one point in playing the ball. One point, two points and three points are all given to James, because only he has the absolute ability to control the overall situation among the five people on the court. Ah, er, that’s the end of this program. I hope my favorite friends can subscribe and see what games there are tomorrow.

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Balance league level?

When he makes enough money to earn a certain amount, he will pursue his dream. Ah, this thing is human nature. You are, indelible and irreversible. Just like these young players, the first contract is four years, the second contract is five years, nine years. The money has been earned enough, of course not. When you earn enough, you don’t lose. You pursue your dream for yourself. You want to play for the team you want to play for. You want to play in the city. Is there a problem? There is no mistake. There is no problem. So you can only use money.


Money for money, his dream, his desire to pursue. So Byrd clause must be good for the team to keep players. There is no destroying the small ball Market. It helps you to say who piggy is, in other words. It can also be said to be helping, Daxiong, right? Then you don’t need the Byrd clause, so he won’t destroy your brother-in-law’s body. If there is no Byrd clause, Xiaoqiu market can still live, can it live, ah, the big ball club is because it has appeal and money. There is exposure, ah, about the amount of attention, so that it can attract so many big stars to join in and move into you, Xiaoqiu team. If there is no Byrd clause to support it, how can you fight against the big club? So I think. I didn’t understand this article. Maybe my understanding ability is limited. If the small ball team thinks that the Byrd clause is harmful to their own interests, they can not give up. You can give it to the big ball club and let them use the bird clause to help you.

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Paul Gordon

So the rotation of Fengxian County on the third position of the Rockets is basically tuck Gordon. In addition, the combination of furio and, er, green may add a model like one, because the positions of each other are very embarrassing. They are both, one, two, three or four. I don’t know what the situation is. Er, it depends on how d’antony trains the lineup.


Ah, it’s completely finished. The main player who won’t win is Cabela Haden, Paul Gordon. Plus this, Tucker, it’s basically such a line-up. A big four small line-up has opened up into the final stage of the battle. This set of lineup is the most reliable line-up of D’Antoni, and it’s a tough battle for other players. It’s also the time to play them, and it’s also a variable. That’s all, all the records and all the abilities depend on these five players. This is the most powerful lineup of the Rockets. Ah, it’s OK at present. The substitutes, rotation and rotation are not as strong as last season. But this year, ha, Deng is really strong. Can we make up for the lack of depth and rotation of the Rockets’ bench in the playoffs? If it is not enough, it’s up to harden to play at the level of God. So we can go to see the game with the mission and watch the game with this conjecture. Well, the next 20 games, including the playoffs, will see if we’re right.

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talk about the present James Durant

Work, you finish this job in this position, you have to organize for me, right? You have to reconcile it with the whole team. Right? You have to keep the rebounds in the inside position. You have to defend the forbidden area, of course. The offensive tactics of those people have been adjusted, right? Well, there’s no way, right? But you have to do your own job well. Well, you have to do what the coach wants you to do, right? So the concept of position is very vague, right? If you say it’s three, even if you say it’s four, it’s one.


But two is two. As long as you play well, as long as you complete the task assigned by the coach, that’s OK. It doesn’t matter what else. We said before, ah, the previous few games, the previous program harvest Garnett, and the gold league plays a lot of small forward positions. So we don’t know. Some netizens told us that we talked about the past things and the past things. Don’t always talk about the present James Durant, Kuri, harden, Paul, I give to Paul George weishao and so on. Then we say, ah, because. After all, we are facing all the masses in this program, right? The old fans really like it very little. I mention some players occasionally

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