It will still return to curry’s hand

Because every player is able to shoot and has a high percentage of hits, especially if he’s got a lot of green and igdala. He must be able to play with him. He must pay attention to this strange turn and make money in Curie’s hands. Therefore, the marking of pants should be very strict, and it must not be the simple and seemingly simple cooperation before. Say, seduce and lure the ball to and fro, right? It will still return to curry’s hand, and finally he will shoot his opponent with three points. You need to know how the final ending is. The front is empty, the front is fake, so say ah. I think the Clippers still have a chance. Some friends say that I’m a top dog. I don’t force myself to take a position. We always think that the warriors are the better team. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that the clippers can turn over the warriors. If, ah, the clippers can overturn the warriors.


As we said before, we welcome face beating. The black seven black eight game in history is very rare, especially the team that can beat the warriors against this team or this series is a classic welcome to be beaten in the face. After Beverly wanted to defend, Durant used his own way to bite like a mad dog. At other times, he blocked curry and Thomson’s low shooting percentage of the Clippers. Oh, a little bit of hope. I hope I can play six games and seven games.

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a professional basketball player

But master’s myth ah, master, you listen to the myth that you lost in the finals to win seven. The myth is that after Durant comes, it actually tends to be conventional. He can play the regular McGee, and so on. It’s all official center. No problem, right? This weekend he’s sick or normal. Why? Because after Durant joined, the team’s playing style has changed, and the position has also changed. What position does green play? Durant’s position is not clear. The exchange is very different.


Frequently, um, this change is too many. Let’s go to a professional basketball player, a professional basketball player, or a coach or a professional basketball player. We are just like this. Er, the level of this primary school student is very low. I can’t understand it. When we talk about basketball, we mainly talk about news, reports, analysis and tactical analysis. We never think about it, right. We don’t dare to play tricks every step of the way. If you really understand the tactics, you’re not bad. You don’t have to write these, um, this review, right? I can tell you that those senior in-depth analysis on the Internet are bullshit. I really show you that you understand. You can be a teacher. A ball, we mean a ball, in the middle of the court about four times, can pass a 67 is mysterious ah, it is called exquisite, the conduction time is about four times, then how much is the fourth power of four times ah 2.

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aptors flick their fingers! Victory!

The Raptors and the magic are finished. There’s nothing much to say about 98-93 times. We’re all understating these programs, including pistons, er, playing pistons at this time. Many people play this, this, this, this, and I forget who it is. They are all too shallow to remember. Right? It’s also a little comment. They are understatement and have no resistance. I think the 678 is really bad. Well, for the Pacers, we said it would be very anxious to play to the last minute. This kind of competition is very ugly. In the first quarter of spring, when 41 points were scored, 15 points and 18 points were slashed by the walkers. Some netizens said that if you hit me in the face, you can see that you can beat me in the face by two points.


It’s not that we are high-level, but we are really high-level. You know, in the second half of the game, we have to watch. Because of the competitive ability of Celtic team, he didn’t make such a stable structure. He scored 41 points. It’s not normal. It’s not the normal level.

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Nuggets keep fighting!

Of course, I personally think, ah, the Nuggets should stick to their own style, except for the Spurs, you can play other teams. You can get together, play your own style and play your own routines. This is very correct. There is no mistake at all. It’s just because you meet the Spurs and see these old bald donkeys. So you have to fight like this. You have to play with him. You have to play with him. You can play with other teams. You are very restrained against the opponent with this set of playing methods. No matter you play thunder, you can still open more discount. This set of lineup is good. It should play well so far. It feels good. Well, it’s a relatively stable playing method, especially if you meet the pioneers.


The Nuggets play the trailblazers. There is another way to say that thunder is also a psycho. Thunder’s Wei Shao is a neuropathy, right? It’s also a player who serves the Spurs and teams like nuggets. Right, you see who the Spurs were, who were defeated by Kobe, Durant by Kuri, and who was harden. This is also a neuropathy. In those years, the West showdown, ah, I remember that it was the Spurs playing thunder, right? How many three-point service for the Spurs, ah, the Spurs, give, play books, play, serve, have wood, my machine has this video, yes, no mistakes, no mistakes. You can, oh, pull out all the games of Hardon, ah, playing the Spurs, and see how many points he squats and how he plays the Spurs. Anyway, this is a consensus of the whole league in playing the Spurs. Ah, basically, it’s also the so-called hopeless situation to choose the opponent.

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Keep up the rocket!


Let’s talk about the rockets and I said, ah, if you play 4-1, you have to review it. Ah, if you play 4-1, you will be defeated. This season, you will be defeated. 4-1, we will have to win the next game, and the injection will be 3-2. It’s humiliating. Oh, back home. It’s embarrassing. Oh, we said in the last program that when the Rockets played the third game, we said that you can’t defend Hadden. You can’t defend yourself. You know, he’s not affected by you. What’s your surprise? This kind of Defense is not empty. It can limit it. Harden, the exact definition we give it is to shoot birds with random guns, and he will shoot in a huff. You know, ah, its range, his hit rate is based on his own state. He doesn’t depend on your opponent’s, doesn’t follow you, doesn’t have a cartoon with no women at all. That’s how harden averaged 36 points per game. This season is so big, right? Look at static electricity. Well, can’t you miss 14? No, the shooting rate is still high, and the three-point shooting is quite good, accurate, right? He’s only affected by his own, not by other influences. Of course, if I hit the warriors, it’s hard to say, because I’m a big tiger, a warrior, is the most terrible big tiger.

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Create suspense!

I told a little story, I said, Brenner played very well, although he now has many champions, well, there are friends on the Internet who criticized him for mergers and acquisitions. What is the specific thing? There is still a year ago, Durant lost to the warriors in the playoffs, now. Space, the content is just came to the Warriors team, won the best record in history 73 wins the best record in history 73 win 10 lose the best record in history, ah kill Durant, Durant turn over the new year, join the Warriors team, ah, netizens are friends. Friends, friends in real life, that is to say, there are still such things. What’s the difference between them and traitors? This is traitors. We haven’t done too much guidance. We haven’t told this thing completely. Right? You said, well, you need to be mature. Once a player loses the game, don’t blame your teammates or your incompetence. Absolute core, right? You are the absolute core of the team. The leader of the core team wins. When you want to rest and win, you enjoy the flower honor and applause. When you lose, you have to do the same.


Take the corresponding, responsibility or even all the responsibility ah, this is as you, um, you can become the team leader should have the necessary conditions, ah sorry, there is a phone call not answered, ah should have their own quality.

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Worthy of respect!

The warriors and Clippers game is over, and now we see 127-107, 20 minutes left, Durant 50 plus 50 points. Well, before Durant got to the front, it’s a pity that we didn’t get to the front of the ship, but we didn’t have a chance to get to the front of the ship. Ah, we didn’t have a chance to get on the boat. Pull down. I saw 66 before. Now it’s 5 times 6. Ah, it’s reduced by 10 percentage points. Er, it’s true that in such a high-intensity game, it’s very tired to play in the back. Ah, it’s very hard. Since you’ve increased 50, it’s impossible to let you go to 60 plus 40.


Three minutes of playing time must be enough, right? Generally speaking, 38 minutes and 39 minutes are considered normal, right? More than 40 minutes is the appearance time of James. In fact, when you come to Huzhou, you are OK, and the appearance time is sharply reduced. At least when they attack actively, they decrease sharply. Ah, when they are on the court, they are just commanding and commanding. Ah, don’t comment on the quick success and warriors. Ah, we said that this is the strength of the clippers, and the warriors are strong. This is an indisputable fact

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Spurs kill! Stab phobia!

Let’s announce that the nuggets can successfully advance to defeat the Spurs. In fact, I am personally.


Happy, ah, I said before, because the Spurs, ah, too old, ah, the Spurs play enough to make me tired. You know, I’m tired of watching them all. It’s rare to have such a determination. It’s right to meet the Spurs, and the Spurs will hit other people. I don’t want to see that the Spurs hit the Nuggets. In the future, if the nuggets can become a powerful force in the west, I tell you, today’s game is the wind vane, and today’s game is a game to lay the foundation. We must remember that this game is very heavy. The Spurs and the Nuggets snatch seven make the Nuggets degenerate. In the future, if the decision is strong, if not, if it’s strong, then it’s gone. Well, basically, it’s like this. It’s decided to win. Oh, even if it’s slapped in the face, ha ha, we’re willing to. But to tell the truth, spurs. But it’s been so many years. Ah, I’ve been teaching me how to be a man. Ah, I’ve taught me a lot of lessons. So I’m afraid that the Spurs will rob him. I’m especially afraid of his stability at the critical moment and his unique skill of killing people at this critical moment.

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Bucks start badly!

Lost, now bradsox, what five hit to get six points in the whole game, only five shots or six points, right? Although bradeso does show this kind of look down and this kind of sign, of course, it can’t be fun, but the bucks. Don’t slap in the face, so the function connects both sides of it, so we say that this program is very difficult to do. It’s really hard to do ah, and there are also these good people. Well, good people have nothing to do with it. I think it’s normal because we are ugly. Yes, you can say it. Er, if you want to come and hit us in the face, you have to wait for a moment to challenge the dignitaries. How high do you think you are? If you go to beat Yang Yi every day, how high do you think you are? In fact, nothing. Bullshit. I tell you that these people are bullshit. You have to listen to the content, ah, we are of course we listen to our program, you need to listen to the content, to help you really understand what the NBA is like, what the team is like, the Bucks, you need to see clearly, this team, we last year, yesterday’s program included the previous program about open.


And, bucks, we all said that his team, ah, you don’t say that you can’t come to Texas to play well, yes, how about the Bucks’ performance? In fact, the essence of Bian’s change is focused on dallo, Lopez is the absolute tactical core point.

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We said that the NBA has to break out

We say that the 76ers are bound to fight back. Otherwise, the zero to two sentence will be handed down to us and the whole situation will be over. This is not to say, two pairs, it doesn’t mean, er, how fierce the two teams play is that you can open two teams through the game. Well, the victory has been determined, and the victory or defeat has been determined to the 76ers and the Raptors. If you don’t go in, he’s not sure, because the 76ers didn’t use his way to win. He used the way of goddess of victory to win, right? Luck’s way to study this game. We said that the NBA has to break out. Well, Peter wants to suppress it. That’s the right way to win, Jimmy. You see this game, the attack of the 76ers is not good. Well, it’s not. It’s a team’s attack. It’s below 90% when it’s a dog’s excrement. All the other players except Leonard are out of order. It’s not a normal game. It’s not a disease.


Do you dare to bet on the big score between you and me? Is it true that you and I can’t make a big score in front of me? Is it true that you can’t make a big score with me. In the undersea world, the second game is not to say that it is not the right way for 76 people to win. Therefore, the fate, destiny and destiny have not been changed. It depends on the third game that the ball will open in one game.

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