New York makes friends with Durant! hesitate! firm!

Search Durant. Well, because some netizens left us a message before, let’s talk about Durant well, because we’ve been doing business since the finals. I’ve never done a program. Ah, authentic. About the acquisition of Durant, most of the time, when it comes to Owen, I barely mention Durant. In this program, I’ll just talk about Durant. In fact, it’s very simple. The situation has developed very obviously. No, the third, where to go. First, stay in the warriors, the second go to New York. The Knicks are the two places. But if Durant is not injured, rumors will be full of wind and rain again. Ah, so Durant’s injury problem should be dealt with directly.


With that, the interest of my family has been eliminated, so you can imagine the severity of Durant’s injury. Most or most of the teams who want to buy Durant have already retreated. Er, we have to say that the injury is very serious, as we have said in previous sections. It’s just a question of probability. How much can be recovered? How much can it be recovered? It’s all a matter of probability. Durant can’t reach the peak. Of course, there are miracles. I don’t believe in miracles. I just expect miracles because they happen. You are too young. If you can have a miracle every day, it is not called a miracle. Today, I saw a report saying that New York, ah New York is, New York is, so, New York, Knicks, he should be the most outstanding x, large advertising recruitment, Durant and Durant. New York, I love Durant and so on, ah, recruiting Durant, it seems that New York, ah, now, has fallen into a dilemma. We know that before the New York Knicks, what they were looking for was a lot of, um, No.3 deal, to see if it was possible to trade in some technology with the number three.

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The title of first brother is not a false name!

This media, ah, in the case of unknowns, so as to avoid repeated inquiries, repeatedly asking that you will be injured, how can you not play a small commodity.


When, when, when, and when you play this team, it will cause a lot of psychological shadow and psychological burden. Therefore, we have made some decisions, such as Durant, which are not good for you, have direct damage to you, and great damage to yourself. Just like Durant, then for the team. I think we should take the primary responsibility. Ah, this responsibility should take full responsibility. We have done this before, right? Now, warriors fans, Durant fans, but what else can we say about Curie fans? You have to admit that we don’t want to force this bull. It’s amazing, right? We’re real bulls. We’ve said Durant’s injury lasted two weeks. It’s not good. There’s a problem. He’s either a calf strain or a Achilles tendon strain. The first injury is a Achilles tendon strain. You can say from igorda, the world, including the previous one. Ah, a lot of these information, so the warriors really concealed Durant’s injury. Then, Durant’s first injury was Achilles tendon strain, which is already on the table, and the fact is indisputable.

I don’t know, right or wrong, the truth, these netizens, these fake fans, these brain pals, what else can you say to us, NBA stink, cobbler’s big talk, we have to say that a godala is an athlete. In terms of football skills, or personality, almost all of them are impeccable. You have to see, oh, in the circle of fans, there are so many fans and friends going to black, the warriors go to black, Durant is naive, black green is valuable, including black slag patruria in black library.

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Send Owen away! Welcome Walker!

These players are here to give you a chance to hit us in the face. It’s not too big. Well, I think what I said is also very good. What’s the problem? Ah, we don’t have any miracle. If you choose from 8812345678, you will have two choices: the probability event of the left behind warriors and the small probability event of going to the basketball and nets team. Is there a third possibility? We haven’t said that the third possibility is not. So, Tang Seng succeeds, and the left behind warriors have no problem. Owen, go to the basketball and nets team, ah, we also said that it’s OK, then Harris Harris, the problem is, since there is Durant, there can’t be Harris. This thing is one stone after another, which arouses thousands of waves.


Well, the joining of a player will affect the naturalization of another player and the choice of the team. Ah, now the free market, the signing of this year, will affect the direction and pattern of the league in the next two to three years. Sad, every football team can see clearly the Celtic team now. Well, it’s also because of Owen’s departure, right? Er, it’s possible that 140 million Celtics will be signed in 14 years. We have also said that it’s right or not. Owen’s leaving the Celtic team is a great probability and a great probability, which is better than the lottery. Well, stay, there are teams, ah, join the Celtic team, Luo, Zill is also, Fuzheng ah, because he signed, ah, first signed and then changed to a top salary, admitted its value

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Van Jordan! I’ll blow you up, Leonard!

First of all, let’s stress that we accept the face slapping of Paul George fans. We don’t accept the face slapping of any fans. In the scope of discussion, we didn’t take Paul George into account, and we couldn’t take it into consideration. It’s just. The team, under the current situation, can introduce the possibility of that, right? First of all, raptors fans ah, those so-called Jamie heirs, you fully face, 1 + 1 and the so-called 1 + 1 contract are in harm? According to reliable news, Paul George, asked to trade, until the Clippers want to leave the thunder trading road. Turn quickly. As we said before, Paul George signed with the thunder team is a wrong demonstration. It’s wrong. These two years are a round of swimming, which has paid a heavy price and wasted precious youth time. Now, we have made a correct choice. There is no problem. Paul George joined the Clippers and is now a team mate of the Clippers.


In this case, the introduction of Leonard, it is logical that if Paul George is in, a new team can join the Clippers. Ah, OK, the Clippers are the team that has the most competition for Leonard. The quantity has been so large that it has been waiting for so many days. Why are you waiting? Why are you waiting for Paul George.

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Paul’s leaving!

The previous program said that rockets and thunder can make a deal. We can make a deal around Wei Shao. According to the news media at that time, Wei Shao thunder intentionally traded him out. Ah, her brain is us. In the program, we said that you can play with the Rockets, right? It’s a wise choice to isolate us from the Rockets. What’s more, today, I saw that there was clear, ah, this kind of news, er, this rampant rumor came out. The Rockets also thought that there was a box of dating teams that reached a deal, but they didn’t understand the education theme, that is, what are the trading indexes of the Westbrook rockets.

timg (19)

I’m not sure. After all, it’s Ca, bellatac, Gordon and Paul. I don’t know. Some netizens said that Paul can’t be replaced. I think Paul is the most likely to change out. The Rockets want to use the other three to exchange for Wei Shao. Do you think it’s worth it. I don’t think it’s true that if the Rockets want to give away, they can’t suffer losses, they can’t suffer big losses. Then both sides can take what they need. Let’s talk about it, specifically, because of the previous programs. What you said is not very good. The system. Well, I smell my grandfather. I didn’t get the idea when I met him. Ah, let’s talk about it again. In fact, this matter is relatively simple. We have already said that in the previous programs, we focused on another company, and some netizens said. Well, thunder, why do you want to trade? Weisbruck, in exchange for Paul and Paul are over 30 years old and more than 30 years old, and can play a serious premium of more than 40 million salary for several years, right? Then the thunder team? He wants to eat Paul’s contract. Ah, it’s not good for the thunder captain, right? It’s not good for it.

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Wait for a brother!

Let’s talk about it. Igordala of the Grizzlies went on to the last program. Before we said that, we had to tell some black powder fans that we were right every time, and it was natural that we were right. Unfortunately, why does the goddess of victory and luck always stand on our side, so we should consider this question carefully. If you think that there is any problem, if you think that you have a high level, ah, strong foresight ability, right? Let’s discuss one. This reality, the problem is to test your real level, ah, don’t copy us, ah, don’t reach an agreement with us, ah, let’s talk about a Dalai Lama. Now there are some netizens and many netizens, waiting for a dalana to be cut off by grizzly bear.


In my personal opinion, it is not possible under the current situation. Under the current situation, it is not possible. If the deadline for trading is February 1, if the deadline is February 1, then the position will be smooth from January to February.

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It’s gratifying to see that the remnant array conquers the enemy!

Let’s talk about the expectations of the clippers, right? We’re still expecting a lot from the clippers and the Lakers. So, I’m not reading a book and becoming a team, but I really have expectations for him, right? You should follow such a set of formation features for netizens, I think. Well, the above understanding is a little bit biased. Of course, if you have always known this way, he is stubborn, ah, it is simply ah. The feeling of knowing nothing about basketball means that it will soon become like this. This set of backup lineup is really powerful, ah, what can it represent? Does it represent the weakness of the main line-up.

timg (3)

Damn, substitute, can you win the game, can you play one or two games, get lucky, play the playoffs, rely on the substitutes, play the finals rely on the substitutes, well, so you say that ah, I I I feel that the substitute lineup, it is generally OK, almost OK, because you have to know that you can’t be very good. It may be very bad. For this champion team, you can’t be very good or even more impossible. For a long time, it is the realization of his own ability and his own salary. Er, if you rely on such a substitute to win, then there is Paul George. What does Paul George do? Paul George has three or forty million dollars. I’ll give you the information We divide them. Come on, that’s why it’s hard to say that you base these expectations on the substitutes. We say that the strength of the main team is the real strength of the team

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Brave men touch people!

The game between jazz and clippers is almost finished. Ah, the Jazz’s overall strength relies on the crushing of the overall strength. Ah, the Clippers are killed. Ah, there is no reference. We said before that there is no Paul George. No, the leader, he doesn’t have Paul George. That’s right. He’s in the plan. What he gets is unexpected. If he doesn’t have two people, he has no reference. If he doesn’t prove it, the clipper is weak, and he doesn’t prove that the corner is so powerful. Good for us to wholesale in the past. Say this, warriors, because there are still a lot of warriors fans, leave us a message, ah, private message, Aite, we are exactly how to evaluate the Warriors team now. In fact, we have said in his previous program that some netizens may be our expression of this messy or said.


There is a deviation in understanding. Ah, let’s say it simply and clearly, and we won’t do too much expansion. Er, according to the understanding of my baa stink and forced cry, we must fully believe it. I believe that the question must be fully believed. We, ah, I don’t think I will let you down. I will not let you down. For this team, his ability is to play in the 1989 West. If he was lucky, he would be out of the playoffs. If he played better, he would be able to play in the playoffs. He was in the position of 1989

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Uncle plans to usurp the throne

In the front of the program, we don’t have time to listen to the 2000 program in 1970. It doesn’t matter. Let’s start from now on. Let’s say that there is no big accident. It mainly refers to the injury. Then Owen is this season, or the scoring champion in the 191-20 season. This is how he played. He can even do this. Judging from two aspects, the first is that Durant will not recover this season. There is no need because the nets play in the playoffs. Depends on, other teams, in the end, want to play bad, ah, how much determination each team, can play the playoff nets, this way, you can see the situation can play the seventh eighth Durant, there is no sense, such a basket team met 123 East 123.

timg (18)

Directly, it was swept away by 4:0. Don’t think that Owen and Durant are so powerful that they can’t make it. It’s impossible that Durant can’t come back from injury. I think that after cooking and pasting, he has to risk a second injury. It’s not like taking good care of herself. It’s her only way to make money. Ah, so Durant’s health is very important, not in the performance, not in the long-term good or bad, so this is the first judgment, the second judgment is Owen, she has changed, he now may also think that the Celtic team’s operation mode is a failure or a self. Can not, bear, ah, a play, or a leader, play

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Destiny is hard to disobey

Let’s talk about some of today’s competitions. Before that, we’d like to mention, um, about the issue of album scoring. Then I may have some netizens who gave us 10% or a small number of netizens. One point more than one point is no problem. Zero score is OK. First of all, we want to say that our program is not subject to any fans’ kidnapping. We don’t mean to say what you like, but to say what I want to say. I have the right to speak. You have the right to score. We, this is, content new program, non entertainment program. If you want to listen happily, watch it I’m glad to see variety shows. Would you like to know about the NBA, the laws of its times, forecast, summarize and analyze, especially the prediction? Then you can listen to our programs, er, personally.

timg (15)

I think, ah, what I’m talking about are things that will happen in the future. There may be some cruelty and some things that can’t happen. But these things are really objective. If you pay attention to us for a long time, you will find that what I said is right. So are some friends around me. They were to me before. Responsible, hate, extremely hate, because I always say something they don’t want to hear, don’t want to know, or don’t want to face, but you have to know that time is the objective law of the development of positive things. It is objective and can’t be transferred by our will. Well, so I believe in the end and these networks. My friends will be on our side, ah, on the objective side

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