Now all the players in the team are standing and playing

Now all the players in the team are standing and playing. As we said before, I have the athletic ability to run, that is, pants. It’s about the same as Daniel Green. Now, James is not the same as James in the past. Now, James’s playing style has changed to a certain extent. But I’m not sure why James changed like this or went to the playoffs. Ah, he fought back with all his strength. James, who doesn’t really like to break through and break the ball, doesn’t like to do this thing. He just concentrates all his energy on you running, I’ll pass you to me to preach, right? Put too much energy on this, instead of saying, if I have a chance, I’ll break through without a chance.

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Now James, no, this way, playing, ah, so these players, ah, fixed-point shooters, you, standing on the head is no use, you must run, like the warriors want to run, run out of the opportunity to James, pass, and then you project in, they said that now really assists a lot of assists. You, it depends on whether it is the loss of his own desire to attack, or the loss of his own attack. The main reason for my personal observation is to play the playoffs, because after all, the older the age, the more injuries, the higher the probability of illness. In the playoffs, for the regular season, for one or two games, I said that for the ranking of the regular season, I also said that the Los Angeles team had reached the first place in the Western Conference. What surprised me was that it could be closed, but it could be dropped to the second and third place. This is no problem. The playoffs are, the most, the most serious, the need for you, the serious is the need for you. I think it’s a very good time to deal with this problem. Paul, George and their leaders have been taking continuous breaks and illness to manage their physical fitness. Up to now, the record is very good, very good. His only problem is whether the two players will have problems in kneading and wait for the last 20 games.

I think it’s a two pronged approach, the best chance for double stars to shine. At the end of the game, you can play the playoffs by making a dash to make it up to you. So is the Laker team. What’s the problem after trading lebertans, that is, if there is a fixed-point three-point ball after Bertens. For the Laker team, other players, outside pitchers, small players, still need to run or create more space to save energy for James and break through the ball at the critical moment. Gotans pitches three shots in each game. You do not need to have more contributions, three balls are enough to solve the problem, as long as the outside God, sniper’s cover and propulsion will be very easy.

1994 World Cup

In the 1990s, it was the most glorious era of Colombian football and perhaps the most chaotic era in the country. Although Colombia ranked the top in the world before the opening of the 1994 World Cup, the fourth place was football.

There are countless connections between the first-degree murder of bran. In the whole country, the king of drugs, Pablo, escoba, a note that although it’s also called escoba, it has no blood relationship with the player who was shot before. That’s the influence of this Pablo escobata. He once used the proceeds of drug trafficking to finance the medical education and football of the poor, which was regarded as a hero by the people at the bottom of the society, and became the eyesore of the government. In Colombia’s underground order, the largest drug lord in history was killed by the military in December 1993. The collapse of this place, at that time, the murder and crime rate of the country, once ranked first in the world, could be called a country of crime. The fall of Pablo, not only has no basis, but also has led to a situation that is already terminally ill, even worse, chaos, and endless gunfire in the streets. All day long, people are frightened and frightened. This kind of atmosphere of self danger has also affected the national team’s World Cup preparation. Before the Colombian legendary goalkeeper iquita was arrested for kidnapping in 1993. It is said that the real reason behind his arrest is that he and Pablo ESCO have a close personal relationship, while Oscar Cordoba, who temporarily replaced iquita as the first goalkeeper, is embarrassed Any time in the world cup opening game 1-3 defeat by Romania, the game, a series of mistakes, indirectly, led to such a defeat, and in the next game against the United States.

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The whole team, including the head coach, Maturana, even received death threats from China. The toxic owl even made it clear that he hoped to manipulate the team’s starting lineup. Under pressure, they had no choice but to follow and do, so Colombia was in such a weird way. In the background, I stepped on the court with a complicated mood. On the faces of the players, you can hardly see a smile. Instead, there are many sad faces, such as gloomy clouds. Finally, the unfortunate fate has come to Escobar. A very shocking shooting case, the 40 year old Colombian football used to look colorful, but in fact it was as disillusioned as a mirror. On the one hand, the club that lost the nourishment of dirty money could hardly keep famous stars.

Howard has a good chance to take part in the rematch

On June 24, all NBA teams are preparing for the rematch. Because the League does not force all players to participate in the rematch, many teams are still trying to persuade as many people to return to the field as possible. The Lakers are facing this problem.


Dwight Howard and Avery Bradley, two of the team’s top players, have expressed their opposition to the rematch. Although all sides of the Lakers have said they are confident that all the players will play in the rematch, they still haven’t finally nodded.

As a team starter and a representative of the Lakers players’ Union, Danny Green has to take corresponding responsibilities in this process. In an interview today, Green said Howard should be OK, but he hasn’t got in touch with Bradley.

“I’m going to talk to some guys this week, I’ve talked to Howard this week, and I’ve had an opportunity to talk to Bradley earlier this week, and I tried to get in touch with him last weekend, but I haven’t been in touch recently, so I don’t know what he’s like.” But I had a conversation with Howard. It’s bigger than basketball. You don’t know a guy’s family.

Manager of Steeler: medical experts are satisfied with the progress of recovery of quarterback Ross lisberg

Almost four months ago, Ben Roethlisberger returned to passing training. After that, there were more videos of him passing the ball on the Internet.

But Steelman manager Mike Tomlin has yet to witness his training as a quarterback.

In an interview, Tomlin said roslisberg was “satisfied” with his performance, and “the medical experts are satisfied with his progress in the recovery process and the prospect of his return in 2020.”


Last season, roslisberg injured his right elbow in the second game, leaving him out for the rest of the season. It is the first time in his 16 years that he has failed to play at least 11 games in a single season. In his absence, the Steelers’ offensive team performed badly, which led Tomlin to say earlier that roslisberg would firmly occupy the starting position.

How the 38 – year-old can recover from his worst injury in his career will determine whether the Steelers can end their embarrassing two-year absence from the playoffs.

NFL reopens its headquarters office in New York

When New York City began to restart, some NFL employees returned to the headquarters office.

Roger Goodell, President of the alliance, is one of the employees returning to work in the headquarters office. Goodall has been working in his basement since the headquarters office closed in March, including hosting this year’s NFL draft.


In addition, Troy Vincent, executive vice president of competition operations, and other executives returned to work. Brian McCarthy, NFL’s vice president of communications, tweeted photos of himself entering the office.

In the next few weeks, about a quarter of employees will return to work in the League Headquarters Office. That’s less than the guidelines for a New York restart. According to the regulations, the office can accommodate up to half of the employees to work and all must cover their faces when they are within 6 feet of others.

Cardinal quarterback Murray plans to take over and train together

In the past three months, quarterback Kyler Murray has spent most of his time in Dallas, but that hasn’t delayed his training.

“I was born to live in isolation,” Murray said in an interview. In addition to training and passing, I don’t want to go out

Murray trains four times a week in weightlifting, running and passing. He also plans to train “soon” with his off team successors.


“For me, life, breathing, eating all have Rugby effects,” Murray said. I can’t wait to train with my teammates

One of the strongest outside takeovers in the league is the new lark signing, de Andre Hopkins, who has little chance to break in with Murray.

“I can study football in any way.” “It’s natural for me,” Murray said. Whether it’s sticking out or watching. It’s hard to watch, because sometimes we don’t do well But eventually we’ll be on the court. I’m not worried about the impact of the lack of off-season training, but I’m not going to deny their benefits

Bear Coach: cross player karil Mike tries to prove himself in the new season

Before the end of last season, Khalil Mack expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s performance.

Mike was disappointed that the Chicago bear didn’t make it to the playoffs and that he had slipped. Now he’s trying to make sure the same doesn’t happen in the new season.

“Carlisle is not lacking in fighting spirit, never in fighting spirit,” said Ted Monachino, coach of the outside guard of the bears, on Thursday. “But what I’m going to tell you is that he’s treating this off-season like he’s trying to prove himself – I think it’s going to inspire all of us.”


“It’s exciting when a player of his level treats his work the way he does.”

The bear team, which won the league’s North Zone championship in 2018 and is considered to be a strong contender for the Super Bowl Championship, declined in both attack and defense last season. The final 8-8 record was disappointing, as was Mike’s data. He only got 47 tackles, the lowest in his career, while 8.5 tackles and 14 strikes to the quarterback were the lowest since the rookie season.

“I’ve never seen anyone else train like him before,” Monachino said

Is there a big difference between the food for spring training of major league and minor league?

Baoshu replied: of course. For rookies who have just scored, you will hear a lot of stories about big league players’ tall food. Let’s not mention the major league players. Every time you upgrade in the minor league system, the meals before and after the game will be more delicate and delicious. We are all very happy to see the major league players being rehabilitated by the minor league below, because in the team tradition, these major league players will invite the whole team to eat after playing. All minor league players have three meals in the form of buffets on the court and at the hotel. Now all the players’ lounges are going to do a little bit more to prepare the food and drink to ensure that the players have a balanced diet. As for the diet of the major league, so to speak, it’s just one of the driving forces for playing hard and being called into the major league!


Netizen Natha asked: is spring training and preseason the same thing?

Baoshu replied: Yes. I prefer spring training. When you hear the word “spring training”, you can smell the fresh fragrance of the freshly mowed lawn and hear the crisp impact of the wooden bat.

In the changing room, will new people receive some “special treatment”?

To make a long story short, the answer is yes. There are so many stories like this. The vast majority of new people’s “first lesson” is some fun prank. They are also one of the “traditions” of the team. When I was a rookie, one of my teammates once put some ointment such as ointment for pain and dampness in my hat. When I went out and put on my hat… I don’t need to continue what happened later. My forehead felt hot all day that day.

Who is the higher salary in NBA and NFL?

First of all, whether it’s the NBA or the NFL, the salary is 369. I don’t know a lot about NBA salary. The general impression is that the core players of each team are 35-40 million, the middle class is 10-20 million, the veteran and rotation are 3-8 million, and the edge players are hundreds of thousands. Apart from the rookie contract, only on the renewal contract, NFL players’ contract size is not only related to their own strength, but also greatly affected by the position on the field. For example, even if it is the contract of the most powerful main runner, his contract can not be greater than even the main quarterback in the middle and lower reaches of the league. This is a very different part of the NFL players’ salary from that of the NBA. In the NBA team, both forwards and defenders can be the core players (even now the NBA is gradually blurring its position on the field).

1. In NFL, the first group with the highest income is undoubtedly the elite and excellent quarterback QB, because the excellent quarterback has excellent passing ability, which can not be compared with any other position. At present, the QBs with the highest salary are between 30 million and 35 million. The signing period is usually 4-5 years, and the guarantee part is also very high. In addition, several senior quarterbacks who just signed the contract this spring are between 25 million and 30 million, with a service life of 1-2 years, giving full play to their last remaining heat. The other regular quarterbacks, who are usually signed for two years as the team’s waning and lousy transition, earn a little over 20 million.


2. Since the most important person in a team is its own quarterback, the second important person must be the one who can deal with and oppress the opponent’s quarterback, that is, the defensive end front of the defensive team or the outside guard OLB, collectively referred to as edge rusher. Now, the annual salary of three people has exceeded 20 million, and the annual salary of other elite transfer players who have signed contracts in recent years is basically between 16 million and 20 million. As for some of the older, but still powerful, cross setters, there are about 13 million.

What are the heat transfer decorative films and what are their applications?

Heat transfer decorative film can be divided into leather decorative film, 3D Plaid TPU high and low temperature decorative film, zipper decorative film, frosted decorative film, etc.


1. Leather decorative film: clear texture, wear-resistant, washable, concave convex strong, three-dimensional grain, realistic leather effect suitable for shoes, clothing, bags.

The leather decorative film adds a sense of line to this Gucci famous bag and enhances the overall perspective aesthetic feeling.

2. 3D Plaid TPU high and low temperature decorative film: it has strong concave convex feeling and three-dimensional texture, which is suitable for shoes, clothing, bags and bags. Three dimensional embossing effect, applied to outdoor footwear, sports shoes, hats, bags, etc.

The dark green 3D pattern appears on the leather texture bag in the form of matching color, adding the fashion sense of this bag.

3. Zipper decorative film: zipper closure, water-proof performance, widely used in outdoor stormsuits, outdoor equipment for tent lights.

4. Frosted decorative film: commonly used for textile fabric decoration, suitable for sports clothing, sports shoes, hats and bags industry.

With the fashion design, with the multi-functional decorative film, high-end brand luggage atmosphere, the upper gas effect will come out!