What kind of experience is it to draw a painting 100 times more expensive than Monet’s?

At the world exposition in Paris in 889, Theo van Gogh, Van Gogh’s younger brother, sold a painting by Monet, the Impressionist master, to an American for 9000 francs. Until 1899, the market price of seven groups of water lilies of Monet’s works was only 5000-7000 francs. In 1890, there was a painter who actually sold a piece of his works to an astonishing 850000 francs (almost 100 times the price of Monet’s works in the same period) – he was the famous painter of French Academy, messinae.


Jean Louis Ernst meissonier (1815-1891), — French painter. Born in Lyon on February 21, 1815, died in Paris on January 31, 1891. Good at custom painting and military theme creation. The strokes are exquisite and full of life interest. Artistic style is different from Romanticism and realism. Because some of his works reflect the historical events of Napoleon’s expedition, he was awarded the Grand Cross Medal of honor. Messianier is also Dali’s most respected academic painter. In the 19th century, French painting held a sacred position. Both the old and the new rich in Europe and America were proud to order one of his paintings at a high price. The most influential work is the expedition to France in 1814. His works are collected in museums in Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels and New York.

How to find insight in marketing?

The essence of creativity is not mysterious. It can be summed up as a new combination of old elements. It can be learned through certain methodology training, but insight is not so simple. It is much harder to find a good insight than to come up with a good one.

Insight may come at any time, and everyone can find it, but at the same time it seems elusive. Insight may come from an inadvertent complaint of the user, or a discovery in data analysis, or a sudden insight at a certain time Fortunately, we can use some investigation methods to increase the possibility of insight.
1. All kinds of chatting

The marketing industry seems relaxed and wonderful. Many insights come from chatting. It’s hard to hold good things while sitting in the office. On the contrary, when chatting with users and customers, their words may suddenly bring inspiration.

The most important thing is to contact users and listen to users’ feedback. One of the tips is that you’d better not ask users what they expect from your products, or how we can enhance some functions of users, because these will only let users answer positive information, which is of little value.

2. Observation in the dark

The reason why insight is called insight is inseparable from observation. Observing market situation, data change and consumer behavior can help us to find insights.

The change of market situation can reflect the change of consumer demand. You can get the cognition of consumers by observing the change of the whole market data and the operation of competitive products. Why the sales volume of beer and diapers is significantly positively correlated, and why a competing product sells well can be obtained through simple observation and data analysis. After finding the correlation, mining the causal relationship behind, and insight may appear.

How to write advertising copy better

1. Be as simple as possible

As we receive a lot of information every day, we should try to compress it. So if we need to remember a thing, our memory will find a way to find the simplest word cloud.

We don’t have any memory of “perceptron” or any association. We have no idea what a perceptron is. So it’s hard for anyone to remember it effectively.


2. Try to know

Simple keywords can’t make us have absolutely correct memory. Because of our limited memory, it is impossible to remember every detail of things. Therefore, when we meet similar things, we will choose to rely on the previous word cloud to remember new things, so as to reduce the extra brain power needed to remember things.

In order to create a new brand word cloud, customers will inevitably borrow other previously known information. So the company keeps asking itself:

What does our brand associate with our customers?

What kind of products will our products make customers compare with?

What should we learn from Japanese advertising marketing?

I used to work in Japan, also for work reasons, and for a long time in Europe and America. I can’t say that101?and marketing methods must always be the best, but I believe they must be the most suitable for Chinese people to think and learn. In fact, Wang Shi and Lei Jun are also “Pro Japanese” in Internet thinking, Wang Shi once said that since he first visited Japan in 1986, he began to learn from Japan. At that time, he had not yet done real estate. He finally practiced a way to learn from Japan and combine it with the modern enterprise concept of China. This is also the purpose and significance of my writing after returning home from work, that is, to share the thinking mode of Japanese Internet that we should ponder and learn, and to connect with Chinese Internet.


After all, objectively speaking, Japan’s Internet is far ahead of China’s. for example, as early as 2001, Japan was the first country to introduce 3G technology. Today, our products and services on the mobile can trace the shadow left by Japan. For example, the familiar Emoji (emoticon), this is NTT in Japan DoCoMo launched a small module of e-mail editing service in the first year of 3G. Its humanistic feelings and the most original and natural way of communication design can be described as commendable.

Principle of hot stamping technology

a49ca424f2725addc042a8fc4078d8e8Hot stamping technology often relies on heat transfer machine to process, in paper, cardboard, fabrics, coating and other objects, can be used to process materials by hot pressing method. Hot stamping is an important processing method of plastic surface decoration, which is often used in household appliances and consumer electronic products. The main material for hot stamping is anodized aluminum, which is composed of two thin layers, i.e. polyester film substrate and transfer layer. Today, I will introduce some knowledge about the principle of hot stamping technology.


The stamping process is divided into four steps:

1. Hot stamping foil and substrate contact;

2. With heat and pressure, the heat transfer layer is fused and transferred to the substrate surface;

3. Unloading pressure, polyester film stripping;

4. Feed hot stamping foil and replace the substrate to be hot stamped.

Good hot stamping effect in addition to consider the substrate, hot stamping machine (heat transfer machine), hot stamping machine fixture and base plate, the most important is the level of temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.

Which NCAA schools can use their own players to build a strong NBA Dynasty team?

There are only two:u=3830413778,1772864478&fm=26&gp=0UCLA and North Carolina. The core of the problem lies in the last four words: dynastic team. What dynastic teams need: regardless of salary and age, we need at least one or more top 20 superstars as the cornerstone, plus n all stars, plus a reasonable lineup. Few famous schools can do this. Here’s a few chestnuts: by 2019, the five universities that delivered the most players to the NBA were Kentucky (107) UCLA (97) North Carolina (90), Duke (83), Kansas (72), which are also well known to five Chinese fans. If you take it for granted, Kentucky University will surely be able to use its historical players to form an invincible warship in the parallel world NBA.


But I don’t think so. Looking at Kentucky’s No. 100 players, the most famous ones are Antony Davis, Downes, wall, Rondo, cousins, Prince, Bradshaw, big fat Antony walker, monster Mashburn. There are so many all stars, no one has won the hard core honor, and the scoring guard and small forward basically belong to a vacuum. I would like to believe that this team can win the championship, but with other teams Compared with the famous dynastic teams, they are obviously inferior to each other.

Isaac Ilyich Levitan

Leviathan was born on August 18, 1860 in a Jewish intellectual family in the town of kibata, near the western border of Russia and Lithuania. His father was a junior employee on the railway, and his family life was very poor. Only a few months after his birth, his father moved to Moscow with his family.





In 1873, 12-year-old Leviathan entered Moscow School of painting and sculpture with the wish of becoming a painter. He was enrolled in A.K. safarov’s class of landscape painting, a famous landscape painter and one of the founders of itinerant exhibition Association. Learn from Petrov and vasnezov, both of them are excellent painters. Leviathan had a hard time in school. Because of poverty, he lived on only three gobis a day, and often spent the night on stools in the studio. At the age of fifteen, his mother died, and after two years, his father left him again. After the death of his parents, he had no place in life. Because he was a Jew, he was oppressed and discriminated by the nation, so he developed his melancholy and joyless introversion. At this time, however, his painting genius was very bright in the class. He was once the founder of Russian realistic landscape painting with the painting “the white billed crow flies” (also known as “the white billed crow returns to the nest”) and he was particularly favored by saprazov, who not only taught him skills, but also, more importantly, how to use the literary tradition of Russian painting in landscape painting The practice of Deep Lyric technique is taught to the intelligent student.

20 best NFL Draft rights in history, look at the familiar figure

20. Deion Sanders CB, Atlanta Falcons

1989: fifth in the first round is one of the top corner guards at his golden age. Eight career wins, two Super Bowl wins, one in San Francisco and the other in Dallas.

19. Terry Bradshaw QB, Pittsburgh Steelman

1970: first place in the first round in 1970, the Steelers hoped to find their quarterback in the first place, and they succeeded. Bradshaw did nothing but win in his career. He led Pittsburgh to four Super Bowl wins, two of which were MVPs.

18. Gale Sayers, Rb, Chicago bear

1965: fourth in the first round Sayers tore up the defense during the league. He’s twice ahead of the league in size, four times in the starting professional bowl and in the ’60s in the decade.


17. Dick Butkus, LB, Chicago bear

1965: third in the first round, Butkus is considered one of the strongest hitters of all time. He was selected eight times in the professional bowl, finishing his career with 27 steals and 22 steals.

16. Jack Lambert MLB, Pittsburgh Steelers

1974: it’s hard to argue that Lambert was the best lineman of his time in round 2, 46. He has been selected as a first-team all professional for six times, including five consecutive seasons in 1979-1984. Lambert was nominated for the ’70s and’ 80s decade.

What is the nickname of NHL team?

Buffalo Sabres

In 1970, team owners Seymour Knox III and Northrup Knox held a naming contest after they got the NHL operating license. They wanted to give the team a nickname different from Buffalo or bison. They want a unique nickname, so they stand out in about 13000 suggestions, beating all the candidates includinghttps://www.irononsticker.com/embroidery-patches-hockey-embroidered-patches-c-5431_5435.html, buzzing bees and flying zeppelins. The reason for choosing the sabre is that “the sabre is known as a clean, sharp, decisive and penetrating weapon in attack, and also a powerful defensive weapon”.


Calgary Flames

Atlanta was granted an expansion franchise by the NHL Alliance on December 9, 1971, which gave birth to the flame team. According to Stephen Laroche’s book “changing the game: a history of NHL expansion”, flame won only 198 out of 10000 votes. Tom cousins, the team’s first boss, finally chose fire as a tribute to the allies in Atlanta during the civil war.

The flame made six playoffs in the Stanley Cup in Atlanta’s first eight seasons. On May 21, 1980, the team was transferred to Nelson skalbania’s group and moved from Atlanta To Calgary in the 80-81 season. Also after voting, the team kept the nickname of flame, but changed the logo from flame “a” to flame “C”.