How do I compare A-Rod to Pujols?

Two big living myths I saw when I was a kid. Although it’s not very systematic, and it’s a bit off topic, I hope to take this opportunity to recall the baseball I watched over the years… Preface 1: why do I watch baseball since about 1998? That’s A-Rod’s fifth season in the major league. Seeing that the young fresh meat people in those days (such as Derek Jeter, Carlos Beltran, Tim Hudson) have all become uncles, the most active Mike trout is nearly one year old than his young general, it’s really impressive. Alas. I started watching baseball for two reasons:

1、 The family lived in Boston for three years because of their father’s work. Although slow-paced baseball is much more boring than American football, basketball and ice hockey in the eyes of outsiders, the title of Boston’s “soul team” does not belong to the patriot who has won the super bowl for six times in this century, nor to the Celtic who has won the 17th championship. There is no doubt that it is the Boston Red Sox. (tens of thousands of words are omitted here about the Red Sox winning the championship and so on) so I have a problem with the personality of A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). Not only is he the star of Red Sox’s arch rival, New York Yankees, but also he changed his mind and accepted the Yankees’ big contract after agreeing to join Red Sox in 2004.


2、 1998 single season home run record. Baseball, a slow sport, has little public interest even in the United States. In the summer of 1998, however, everyone was watching baseball because history was about to be rewritten. Former Yankee Roger Maris (yeah, chicken everywhere) set a record of 61 home run / HR hits per season in 1961 (the previous record was Babe Ruth’s 60), which no one could break in more than 30 years. In 1998, there were two old perverts who had been given steroids, and both of them brushed off the record.


NFL team special plane transport 1.2 million N95 masks to China, the whole process of team recovery

The NFL New England Patriots sent a team plane to China, but there were no players on the trip. They came to perform a special task.

On the morning of April 3, Beijing time, the special plane of Patriot team landed at Shenzhen Bao’an airport. Unlike ordinary flights, this one has no passengers, and the crew has never left the plane. Only the Chinese staff keep moving the goods to the plane. The cargo loaded on the plane is N95 masks, which will be returned to Boston with the Patriots’ special plane.

Not long ago, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker reached an agreement with a Chinese manufacturer to buy 1.7 million N95 masks. But Baker needs to ship the masks to the United States on his own, and the sooner the better. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Massachusetts has reached 8966 cases in April 3rd, according to the Tencent’s real-time map. Up to 14:31 on April 3rd, the cumulative number of cases has reached to 154.


It’s not easy for Baker to solve the capacity problem. A number of American airlines have announced the suspension of flights to and from China in February. The CAAC also issued the notice on continuing to reduce the number of international passenger flights during the period of epidemic prevention and control on the evening of March 26, requiring each Chinese airline to operate only one route to any country, and each route shall not operate more than one flight per week; each foreign airline shall There is only one route to China, and no more than one operation flight per week.

In the face of the sharp decline in flights, Baker contacted Jonathan Kraft, whose father was Robert Kraft, the boss of the Patriots. When old Kraft got to know the situation, he not only agreed to lend the team’s special plane, but also paid US $2 million for half the cost of buying masks. In addition, kraft also bears the cost of freight, aircraft modification and so on.

What kind of quarterback is Kam Newton?

Cam Newton played brilliantly against the saints and fought back to win, keeping the team’s winning streak and making his MVP more competitive. In the Panthers’ game against the saints, Newton scored the highest quarterback score of the season so far. This is not to say that his performance is perfect, but he does have several attractive passing performances. By this time, though still flawed, Newton’s passing talent was well known. He has also had a number of unsuccessful but spectacular passes this season.

Ted Ginn’s performance highlights Newton’s burden – he alone led the offensive team to victory and secured his MVP position. But today we’re going to focus more on what makes such a unique weapon in the League – what kind of role he plays in the Panther’s running attack, and what kind of influence he has. Most sports quarterbacks can add several attack methods to the attacking team, making them more difficult to defend; however, Newton can bring more attack patterns. The use of quarterbacks by the Panthers is no different from that of others. They are all quarterbacks’ back passing and fake passing attacks. But compared with other teams, their arsenal is more diversified, because Newton is such a threat that is hard to ignore.


Why? He’s really fit, but he’s not much better than the other quarterbacks in the league. What makes Newton so striking is his huge size. His height of six feet and five inches (195cm) is 245 pounds (111kg), which is much bigger. When he started running, his opponents’ linebackers and defenders looked a little smaller than him. He’s similar in build to defensive end forwards and setters, and he’s too strong for them, which allows him to get out of the grip on the line. No matter what his real weight is, Newton has a more significant physical advantage than other quarterbacks in the league. Even those who are close to him can’t surpass his athletic ability.