Who are AFC patriots and Steelers most likely to be in the Super Bowl this year?

All the data of the game directly shows that the Steelman was playing under the pressure of the chief at that time. But the Steelers made a total of 10 thrusts, excluding the two thrusts before the end of the first half and the second half. The other eight thrusts resulted in six free kicks, one interception and one abandonment – there was no one arrival in the whole field. I mentioned in the previous prospective that although the data of chieftain’s defense is not outstanding, there are many stars in it. It’s a very talented and underrated team. In addition to the ability of the chief’s defense team, the other reason why the Steelers failed to reach the formation was the efficiency of the Steelers’ attack within 30 yards of the chief’s half court. The attack of rugby is just like the choreography. 11 players need to be familiar with their roles and tasks in various situations, so that the team can attack like a quickie. I believe that Mike Tomlin and other coaches will have special arrangements to solve this problem this week.


Le’veon bell pushed 167 yards on the ground in the race against dolphins. In this race, he continued his high light performance, making 30 strokes and 170 yards. It’s good news for the Steelers that le’veon bell, who entered the playoffs for the first time in his career, has such amazing results. The Patriot le’veon bell is about to face has excellent running ability. Who is the better, will influence the direction of the game.

Reading life in oil painting

I went to see Mr. Xiao peicang’?oil painting exhibition sand felt a lot. Time has rendered all the things at that time with sad enamel, and has transited to the advanced technology today. I deeply realize that in that colorful oil painting, it not only carries Mr. Xiao’s emotion, but also records the changes of an era.

Mr. Xiao peicang’s paintings are mostly landscapes. In the beautiful scenery everywhere, his love for art and nostalgia for the countryside are precipitated. He painted a series of “window” works with the theme of southern Hunan Flower window, with delicate strokes to outline the window lattice and window lintel. The green tiles on the roof depict the fleeting time; the mottled walls because of the long time condense the background and story of this era. I think Mr. Xiao wants to use the form of painting to recall the pure white age that was washed clean by the torrential rain of “time”.


The streams and rivers in Xiao peicang’s works are like crystal clear gems. Water is the source of life. The streams and rivers painted by Mr. Xiao can be a trickle, flowing slowly, or a vast ocean, surging. “Benevolent people are close to mountains, wise people like water”. From Xiao peicang’s paintings, I feel that he is such a person. Only when the mind is as still as water, can we draw a realm. The source of any life is water, and it goes back to the source of Art – love. Because Xiao peicang loves art, his works always give people a kind of elegant and elegant. The heart of pursuing art is the best proof.

What is garment color printing

Garment color printing, as the name implies, is to do color printing on garment or cloth for garment. This is a very broad word.

In fact, it’s not only clothing that can be processed by color printing, but many other products can be processed by color printing, such as socks, gloves, scarves and so on.

Color printing can also be interpreted as printing a color pattern on a Chinese product. But there are many ways to print color patterns, and there are many different processes. Such as: screen printing, hot transfer, sublimation, etc.


When making clothing screen printing, only from the perspective of printing materials, there are offset printing (offset printing), watermark (water paddle printing), which can make color effect.

The same is true of hot transfer and hot stamping, which can make excellent color patterns.

In sublimation heat transfer printing, the paper color pattern is transferred to the chemical fiber clothing or clothing sheet by using the sublimation principle, so as to obtain a perfect pattern with excellent firmness.

Some notes:

Clothing screen printing processing, if the fabric is dark, usually offset. If it is light color or white cloth, you can do watermarks, you can also do offset printing, which is flexible according to customer requirements, the overall effect is different.

Heat transfer hot stamping, that is, it can be pressed on dark fabric or light or white fabric, with high color reduction and poor air permeability.

10 articles after reading advertisement fetishism

If “Chengpin side effect” let me see Li Xinpin’s strange words, then “advertisement fetishism” let me see Li Xinpin’s own style of writing.

When I was writing a copywriter, I heard that the most requirement of leaders and Party A is whether you can write the copywriting like “China on the tip of the tongue” or a official account. When meeting the most direct leaders, they like to turn over other people’s copywriting. They either ask me to write something beyond it or learn how others write. As time goes by, I have seen a lot. I have lost my own creative style. Continuous learning and imitation have made me go too far. For Li Xinpin to have his own creative style, I think in the advertising industry, it is really valuable. As an old saying goes: eat every move.

In the advertisement fetishism, there is a copy that she wrote when she was 19 years old:

Title: ambush before May 20th

At 7:10am, a group of standard men and women paradoxically traveled west to the third section of bade Road, and 24000 noises aroused their desire to understand the whole body, which was extremely sexy.

At 8:10am, 800 prophets suffering from epidemic allergies were obstinately moving eastward on the East Road of Chang’an, consuming sharp class prejudice in rare time and space, and flashing a new direction of enjoying consumption in traffic lights.

At 9:45am, the Puritans who advocated the philosophy of low-level consumption ethics leaned in the direction of Allah from Heping East Road. All the rituals were properly controlled and only a few deadly wildness were infiltrated.

At 10:59am, a minute before ye Xia was hungry, three beautiful women waiting for crazy purchase were lying in wait at the gate of five-star hotel. They were determined not to invite perfect men.


At 11:00am, people who had been drinking alcohol all night suddenly woke up. The high temperature of Fuxing North Road was restricted by their pleasure, and even some people were moved to cry.

It can be said that from the first copy she wrote, she had her own style of copy in it. But at this time, the copy she wrote was too biased towards the stream of consciousness, forgetting who the subject of the copy was written to, and using words (I don’t know if it’s the reason of the two cultures) that were a little confusing.

Scientific advertising + my post reading feeling of advertising career 10 selected articles

Scientific advertising + my advertising career is a 238 book published by Claude C. Hopkins and published by Chinese publishing house. The price of the book is 45.00 yuan and the number of pages is 201010. The article is a carefully organized post reading feeling of some readers, hoping to help you.

After reading “scientific advertising + my advertising career” (I): Draft: give up the game of self entertainment and make a purposeful, planned and feedback advertisement conscientiously

Words written in the front:

It should have been a month ago to take over the book from Mr. Wu. Busy – I am as mediocre as all advertising dogs. I live a life of luxury even sleeping. I haven’t opened this book in the past month because I want to read it carefully.

Ten one is a seven day long holiday. It took six days to visit their relatives, get together with friends, and finally spend half a day reading. I read very fast, about an hour and a half to see the “scientific advertising part”, there is a feeling of “top”.


Digest into your own words:

After a brief look, I close the book and think about the contents of the book in my mind. What impresses me most are the following two parts:

First, we should make advertisements that attach importance to effect. It’s not uncommon for advertisements without evaluation. I have been engaged in advertising for one year and five months since I joined China Vocational College, and the advertising investment I have handled should have exceeded 20 million yuan. Then, what effect has our advertising investment achieved, what proportion of actual sales has been achieved, and what impact has it had on the mind of consumers… These problems I have wanted to understand, but never Have done real research and feedback. This kind of advertising makes me feel terrible. “The only purpose of advertising is to achieve sales,” says author Hopkins, but I don’t know if the advertising I handle has any beneficial impact on sales. The author reminds us, why not spend a little cost to do a pilot before the large-scale advertising? Why not evaluate the advertising effect through the use proportion of coupons and the distribution of gifts / exchange coupons? Practice to know, we should really change the behavior of ignoring the advertising effect!

Brady won the Super Bowl six times. What can we learn from NFL media communication?

In the 53rd super bowl, the New England patriot beat Los Angeles Rams 13-3, winning the NFL Championship for the sixth time in the history of the team, equalling the most championship record of Pittsburgh Steelers. Tom Brady, the main quarterback who witnessed the six Championships, has become the person who won the most super bowl. His honor is called “God level”.


Media subscribing to NFL communications content services have long been expected to produce reports around these brilliant achievements. “Communication” means “communication” in Chinese. NFL communications is the special medium for communication between NFL official and media. As we all know, the enthusiasm of media reports is an important factor to measure the influence of sports events. Therefore, the vast majority of sports event organizers have media service awareness and set up special departments to connect with the media. Providing reference materials for the media is one of the most laborious work in the docking process.

Brady is in the game

NFL is the top four professional ball leagues in North America, and the super bowl is the most dazzling pearl in sports competitions. The analysis of NFL’s media content supply mechanism can provide a useful reference for domestic sports events: how to facilitate media reporting through the production of content, so as to strive for the expected reporting effect in line with the benefits of events.

Which is the best choice for DIY T-shirt printing?

It mainly depends on the material of your T-shirt fabric. If it’s polyester fabric, I think since the subject says it’s customized, I don’t think it’s too large. You can consider thermal transfer printing and thermal transfer digital printing. It’s mainly to print ink on coated transfer paper through digital printing equipment, and then transfer it to cloth through high temperature and high pressure at about 220 ?? and do it Ready to wear. Or we can consider coating digital printing. At present, digital printing equipment has digital printing for white T garment. As for the coating, there is no special requirement for the fabric, which can be done in theory. The defect is that the fastness is not particularly good, generally around 3. Before the hand feel, it was relatively hard and airtight, but now the technology has been improved slowly, and the comfort has been greatly improved. If the active digital printing can be considered for the fabric such as cotton, the process will be much more complicated. The fabric needs to be pretreated, and then the ink will be sprayed on the cotton directly, and then it will be steamed and washed.













In the garment customization industry, for small batch customization, the commonly used printing processes are as follows: 1. Heat transfer process is light resistant, water washable, strong color fastness, which can be exposed to the sun for a long time, without deformation and color change, and has a very rich color expression. It can be used for character pictures (limited to light color heat transfer), small words, letters, corporate logo, etc Qing Dynasty, complex pattern, dark color with 6 pixel stroke, light color with 12 pixel stroke, will not change the path of the original image, heat transfer production process is more, longer time.

Is there any difference between graphic design and advertising design?

There is no difference in nature. The major of the university is advertising design and production. After graduation, I was in charge of the production and installation of the realistic spray painting banner carving in the advertising production workshop, and I would make booths for various meetings, erect the Heng frame, and install various advertising materials. Finally, I returned from the front line and chose to continue to do graphic design. In Party B, it is faced with different customers. The effect that the customers want is publicity. If there is a budget, there must be output. The overall creativity and design are inseparable, and the needs of customers are also different according to people and enterprise positioning. In Party A, the leader is the customer, mainly designing in the company, then it mainly depends on your personal design level + the leader’s vision. In fact, many things don’t have to be too constrained. After graduation, you can choose to work online or offline. UI design, e-commerce design and brand design are inseparable.

Advertising designers should not only have the basic skills of graphic design, but also understand and think about creativity. Output appropriate art forms for creativity to complete various output, such as advertising video, H5, offline. For example: it is not necessary to edit the video, but what kind of picture tonality is needed for video shooting, whether the scene is a real scene or a fake creative scene, the selection of models, etc. All of them belong to the work scope of advertising designers, so we prefer to call ourselves art.

Why is the fourth baseball strong?

First, there is no standard theory. Baseball theory will develop continuously according to the enhancement of player performance, and it is only suitable for the application in a specific situation.

This answer was originally to help the subject solve the problem, so the original answer is only a brief discussion of the traditional “center line” theory relying on the fourth stick as the attack. The goal is to answer the question, not to explore the trend of “why is the fourth stick replaced?”. I hope you will consider the answer from the perspective of the answer. But since so many people, including some friends who use traditional Chinese characters, think the theory is outdated or biased, I think it is necessary to improve it. Although it is still impossible to summarize all the theories and explain them clearly. It always takes effort to reason with a friend who knows baseball

Baseball is a game that plays with brain power rather than physical strength. Especially in the high-level game where players play stably, the real focus of baseball is the strategic layout and tactical application. As an example in high school, reciting ancient Chinese prose and blind reciting can only help you fill in the examination papers and understand the context of ancient Chinese prose so that you can feel the brilliance of ancient Chinese prose. Sometimes you’ll notice that in certain situations, the coach’s line up for the team.


There will be changes. Changes include the pitcher’s starting rotation, relay and terminator selection, and order of play. If we only talk about marking order, the traditional theory is “central marking theory” (the original answer). In fact, in recent years, the theory of order making that has been developed and applied is basically a variation of center marking or its tendentious application. New theories rarely emerge. Several common theories:

Variant of centerstroke: centerstroke moves forward. This is to say that my old answer colleagues raised the banner of the past two years in ML B supernova. Specifically, the order of the original 3, 4.5.6 clearing hitter (power hitter) was changed into 2, 3.4.5 or even 1, 2.3, 4 (center hitter in BOLD). Supporters believe that since the order of play itself has changed after the first inning, theoretically, pushing better hitters forward will give them more hits. The problem is that the subsequent rod is weak (still continuity problem). Example: in 2017, dodge faced the problem of no continuity in the fifth stroke. Contact hitter vs power hitter: same, eternal topic. — in the past, there has been a verbal battle about the order of contact versus strength hitters, and the data can only find a balance. (from a player’s point of view, knowing your role can improve performance on the field. The example is Suzuki Ichiro. )

Oil painting language oil painting art paper

The course of oil painting language expression is the development and change of oil painting art. The transformation of an artistic language, to a certain extent, affects people’s way of thinking, and then changes people’s observation methods and aesthetic concepts, thus promoting their own development to varying degrees. It is a way for painters to think in images and turn this kind of thinking into silent things. Artistic thinking is the thinking that infuses the artist’s personality. To a certain extent, the difference of ideas determines the personality of oil painting expression. Therefore, a person who does not have the ability of independent thinking, a painter who can not use his own eyes to observe, and can not use his own mind to understand the world, his painting language is at most proficient and imitative, proficient in clich ?? s and parrot, and is not painting Producing excellent, novel and unique works. In the process of the world cultural development of art diversification, the artistic personality has been expanded, and the painting language has also been developed. The expression of oil painting language reflects the painter’s personality and aesthetic tendency. In the use of language, due to the influence of different factors, the characteristics of different language forms reflected in the picture are formed. Finally, through the artist’s character, different living environment in each painter’s oil painting creation is also different, forming a different style. Things are the real world that painters exist in.


Oil painting language is the way of spiritual pursuit and emotional expression of painters. Through the display of some artistic language form, the oil painting language presented in oil painting works appears as an aesthetic symbol. Through the oil painting language to show the objective things, through the perceptual grasp of the mind to the outside world, so that it has the characteristics of spiritual thinking and enlightenment. Van Gogh, a great master of Impressionism, tried to reveal the spirit with color in his oil painting wheat field and reaper, and expressed the joy of people when harvesting with dazzling golden yellow. With short and powerful strokes to convey the feelings of harvest, the strong color clear point rotation movement and exaggerated deformation image painting under his pen more vividly expressed his painting mood and emotion he wanted to express.