The situation teaching countermeasures in the period of primary school art core accomplishment

Giving full play to the role of multimedia technology is a powerful guarantee for the development of situational teaching. The comprehensive development of multimedia technology can bring more possibilities for situational teaching. The powerful expressive power of multimedia technology can not only show the color picture in a clearer form, but also change the static into the dynamic, and show the content of the picture more clearly. In modern teaching, with the help of multi-media equipment, many teachers can directly express the endless content in language, and through the comprehensive combination of sound, light, film, etc., enhance the expression ability, increase the rendering ability of situation creation, and finally realize the comprehensive development of modern teaching work, provide convenience for students’ thinking and exploration, and further render The environment, finally realizes the teaching work the consummation. At the same time, using teaching software to stimulate students can improve students’ initiative in learning. Therefore, teachers should master information technology, design targeted courseware for students, and select effective educational materials to enrich the teaching content. As a kind of visual art, art can feel the beauty through the observation of eyes. Therefore, teachers should give full play to the advantages of multimedia technology, so that students can feel the fun of learning art. There are a lot of appreciative contents in art teaching, so teachers can use the connection between art teaching and Chinese traditional culture to teach and show students corresponding videos and materials, so as to further explain the background and development of art knowledge to students and deepen their memory. In addition, teachers can also use music to attract students, so that students are affected by art knowledge, so as to improve their own artistic accomplishment, master professional art knowledge and skills, and cultivate students’ core literacy.


Why is NBA far less influential than NFL in American culture?

Sports competition is also one of the cultural labels. There are four major professional leagues in the United States on the other side of the ocean, namely NFL (American Football League), MLB (American Professional Baseball League), NBA (American Professional Basketball League), NHL (National Hockey League). We can see that the very popular NBA in China only ranks the third, and the influence of football and baseball in American sports culture All in front of him. Why?

It seems that there are not so many people in China to see NFL (at least compared with NBA) and the salary of NFL players is generally not as high as that of NBA players, which is mixed with many problems. On the one hand, it is the problem of commercial operation, on the other hand, the interests of NBA players are settled through several player union negotiations. Obviously, NFL players are not so lucky in this respect!


But there is no denying that rugby is far superior to basketball in American culture! Many NBA players came from rugby when they were in school. For example, Iverson (who was the main quarterback of the University team) James, igodara, Lillard and others also played rugby, but they all chose to specialize in basketball later. The reason is very simple, because of the high salary!

From this aspect, we can see the popularity of rugby in the United States! Many NBA players will come to see Rugby when they don’t play, and even many NBA managers or players own the ownership of an NFL team! NFL championship is “super bowl”, which is a sports feast with great absorbing ability. At that time, NBA, MLB and other sports leagues will “make way” for them to play at the wrong time, so that more people can go to the football finals on site!

14000 cases in British newspaper! After the prime minister’s diagnosis, why didn’t the pound fall but rise?

The UK epidemic is still escalating. Before reading the key points such as the prime minister’s diagnosis, patient recovery and the recovery of the pound, let’s focus on the latest data.

In the past 24 hours, 2921 new diagnoses and 8911 new tests have been made in the UK, with a diagnosis rate of 33% and 185 new deaths.

The number of new confirmed cases and new deaths continued to hit a new one-day high.

As of 21:00 BST on March 26, 14579 people had been diagnosed, 769 died and 135 cured.

The 185 new deaths in the UK today are between 29 and 98 years old, of which four (including one 29 year old) have had no other diseases before.


Each realistic oil painting starts at 1 million yuan

What do you know about Chinese realistic oil painters? Maybe you only know a cold army. I also pushed the works of cold army teacher before, but today we push this man, known as the “classical cold army”. Most people may have never heard of this painter.

Oil Painting With Wooden Frame 51-400x400

Hope for Huian women’s series; transaction price: ?? 2185000

He is Wu Chengwei, a native of Shenyang. He graduated from the Art Department of Shenyang Normal University. He is a professional painter. He is mainly good at realistic figures and still life. He has always insisted on the creation of realistic oil paintings. Most of his paintings are young women, with the beauty of Athens combined with oriental tradition and western classics

“The rose is fragrant and the people are far away”; transaction price: ?? 2875000

Every painting he drew, he would repeatedly scrutinize the details of the characters. He was very sensitive to the color and the beauty of the characters

On NFL’s no free lunch theorem

No lunch free has no free lunch theorem. This is a theorem to help us understand algorithm performance. You may think that the conclusion of this theorem may be nonsense or generate a useless theory of algorithm, but this is not the case. Most of the following content without free lunch theorem is taken from machine learning – Zhou Zhihua

When you first see this theorem, you will find it hard to understand. But in fact, you only need some basic probability knowledge to understand the basic content of this theorem.


Some background knowledge is needed before introducing the concrete proof process. In machine learning, there are thousands of machine learning algorithms, each of which has its own unique features and can achieve the desired results. However, there are often differences in efficiency or accuracy, which need specific analysis.

In fact, the point of abnormal fairness is that if an algorithm is extremely efficient for problem x, but in the face of another specific problem y, the efficiency is very low, or even less than algorithm B, which is very garbage in problem x, this phenomenon is widespread.

Pure beauty his Tibetan girls are very amazing

AI Xuan, a national first-class artist in China, advocates realistic oil painting. He is the son of Ai Qing, a famous poet. Since 1974, he has been in Aba area almost every year, looking for the inspiration of Tibetan characters and special geographical customs, and expressing them in lyric and freehand style.

















Although at that time it was only for troops living in Tibet, as soon as they entered this area, they seemed to have entered another world. There, he met a Tibetan girl by chance. Her eyes always revealed a simple green look and curiosity for new things. This pure temperament immediately attracted AI Xuan and began to use the brush to depict the mysterious girl. For more than 10 years, every time I came to northern Tibet, AI Xuan would describe the change of girl’s eyes in the loss of time. He named the girl on the canvas “Shanhua”, which means the little flower in the mountain.

From simple shyness to melancholy loneliness, we can almost feel the change of girl’s expression in a series of paintings. AI Xuan said that there is loneliness in Tibet under the haze, but loneliness in the clear is more terrible. Perhaps, the loneliness in the vast plateau is more mysterious and melancholy in the canvas of Tibet. It is not so much that he is quietly releasing the girl’s lonely soul as that it is the emotional reflection of his heart.

People in my heart

In the summer of 1929, Xu Beihong, invited by the Education Department of Fujian Province, took Wang Linyi, a student, to Fuzhou to create a huge oil painting by Cai Gongshi, the first Anti Japanese martyr since the Republic of China.

The heroic deeds of CAI Gongshi’s martyrs deeply touched Xu Beihong. Despite the heat and sweat, he didn’t slack off at all and carefully shaped the hero in his heart. In the picture, Cai Gongshi’s martyrs stood in front of the Japanese army unyielding, awe inspiring, fearless, with a glorious image of national integrity.

Just after the painting of CAI Gongshi, it won a lot of praise. The director of education directly asked Xu Beihong, “Mr. Xu, how much should I pay you for your contribution?” Without hesitation, Xu Beihong immediately said: “I don’t want to be paid for my contributions, but I just want Fujian Province to give a place for overseas students to send one of my outstanding students to France to study oil painting.” This demand was met immediately.


Therefore, Xu Beihong immediately wrote a letter to Lu Shibai, an outstanding student in the Art Department of Central University, and decided to give him the place to prepare for it.

After receiving the teacher’s letter, LV Shibai was surprised and pleased. Fortunately, it came so suddenly. In addition to joy, he had some worries. He and Wang Linyi were classmates with similar results. Besides, he was painting with the teacher beside him. It was the teacher’s high foot. He was more qualified. But the teacher did not appoint cronyism, and gave the only quota to himself. The teacher was selfless! After careful consideration, he thought that Wang Linyi should be allowed to go and decided to give up the opportunity. So he wrote back to the teacher and wrote down his ideas.

XFL is expected to be the biggest competitor of NFL

XFL is a professional rugby league owned by Vince McMahon’s alpha entertainment company, headquartered in Stamford, Conn. The league has eight teams, which are operated by the league. In the winter and spring after the super bowl, it has ten regular season games and two weeks of playoffs.

McMahon, announcing the reformed XFL, said it aims to build a league that is less controversial and faster and simpler than the NFL.


WF (the predecessor of XFL) initially ran for a season in 2001, a joint venture between WWF and NBC. The league is trying to be a competitor of the National Football League (NFL). It features a variety of changes to the rules of rugby to increase its intensity, as well as innovations in live broadcasting, such as the installation of cameras, microphones on players, and interviews with players in the game.

In the end, the League was criticized for relying too much on “sports entertainment” similar to professional wrestling, and the lack of high-level players, declining ratings and the collapse of the League at the end of the season.

At 11:00 on February 12, the reasons for the postponement of duckling vs. Blues were clear!

The owner of L.A our way building released at 16:51 on February 13, 2020 in ice hockey base camp


NHL official website reported that Jay Baumeister, the defensive General of the blues team, had a heart attack at 7:50 in the first quarter. Now, Anaheim UCI Irvine Medical Center has been treated, which is optimistic! This is the 1241st game of Baumeister’s career. In 56 games this season, Baumeister has won 8 assists with 1 goal. In his career, he has scored 88 goals and 336 assists. He’s also worked with Jaguars and flames. In 2002, he was chosen as a scout by Jaguar!

I’m very glad that Jay Baumeister can recover. I hope there is no accident on the court!

In addition to this game, there are two games delayed due to illness: on November 21, 2005, Red Wing vs. predator Geely Fischer, and on March 10, 2014, star vs. Ritchie PAVLEY in blue.

Nash career against the team assists 10 + times, which most surprised you?

This picture shows Nash playing more than 10 assists against NBA 30 teams in his whole career, of which the Suns are the lowest two and the Spurs are the highest 39. Which team surprised you the most?

0 (3)

Nash is my basketball mentor. The first NBA game I watched in 2004 was the sun game. Nash conquered me with his gorgeous and ghostly passing. The idea of passing first went deep into my bone marrow. Maybe it was because I didn’t appreciate the single play of the four point guards. I watched CP3 and LBJ after Nash was not good enough

Nash’s temperament

It’s really like the wind on the court

It makes you feel very comfortable

Nash is a big fan. I always think he is the only star who has both strength and popularity, and there is almost no black star. Anyway, no matter how powerful the stars are, some people like it and others hate it. I haven’t seen anyone who hates Nash.