Phillies bring in 300 million people to complete the reconstruction of the championship

Last season review:

After five consecutive playoffs in 2007-11 and winning a world championship, the Phillies entered the reconstruction period. They did not play in the playoffs for the next seven years, but focused on cleaning up old player contracts and training new players.

In the off-season of last season, the team actively attracted pitchers such as Jack Arietta and Carlos Santana. In addition, the team’s own young stars, alon Nola and Rees Hawkins, who are the first base / outfield pitchers, have improved the team’s strength to a certain extent. Under the leadership of new coach Kepler, the team has been competing for the playoffs for most of the season. Until August 5, the team still ranked first in the division with a record of 63-48. But in the following games, the team’s performance declined significantly, only played 17-34, not only did not play in the playoffs, or even did not achieve more wins and less losses.

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Star player:

The Philadelphia man is the most active team in the 2018-19 off-season, including superstar outfield player Bryce Harper, who signed for $330 million in 13 years. His total salary has broken the league’s historical record. Harper, the former MVP winner, will naturally become the new star of the team. Although Harper’s performance in recent years is difficult to be said to be stable, it has not only played against the sky in 2015. 330 /. 460 /. 649, 42 home runs, but also in 2016. 243 /. 373 /. 441. But after all, he’s terrible when he’s in good form.

Harper’s joining means that the team will have a field position in the next 10 years.

New Delhi fitness fair, India


Fitex India made its debut in 2014 and has grown into the largest fitness and health show in India. In 2016, fitex India welcomed 42 exhibitors with a total exhibition area of 7000 square meters, including live performance area, training area and other characteristic areas, attracting 12000 visitors.

Fitex India is jointly organized by the Indian subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt and smart events of Haryana, and will continue to focus on fitness through exhibitions and side shows. The two companies work together to create a platform for customers to enhance value, participate, innovate, inspire creativity and network opportunities.

Scope of exhibits

Fitness equipment: fitness equipment and accessories, fitness facilities, fitness clothing, beauty equipment and cosmetics, massage and health equipment, gymnastics and martial arts equipment, home fitness equipment, clothing, slimming equipment, medical and rehabilitation equipment, health and fitness consultation, fitness equipment for the elderly and disabled, aerobic fitness products, sunbath machines, sauna facilities, spa equipment

Fitness products: bicycles, indoor football, recreation equipment, children’s leisure facilities, outdoor fitness products, sports nutrition, etc

MLB player of the year award in May

With the end of the second month of this season in major league baseball, which players stand out among the top performers and win the award of the best player of the month? In the U.S. League, Boston Red Sox swept away the downturn of the season this month by two big generals, while the National League was led by Liu Xianzhen, who was cast by Han Ziqiang of Los Angeles Dodge, and continued to take the lead in the National League.

The high-profile 22-year-old finally came out of the cocoon in his third season. This month, he shouldered the flag of Boston Red Sox’s attack and used his bat to boost the team’s morale when the team fell into the mud. This month’s hit data is an amazing 0.351 hit rate, 0.380 base up rate and 0.640 long hit rate. With 8 home runs and 24-point high production capacity in 121 hits, the Red Sox has a record of 16-10 this month, and can still stand firm in the east area of the three strong US League.

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Like DeVos, he is also a high-profile rookie. After three unbeatable seasons, bell, the second round draft of that year, has been completely transformed this season, and finally shows the striking ability that the draft of that year has been admired by many scouts. Bell has been at his best all may, with a 0.390 hit rate, a 0.442 run up rate and a 0.797 long run rate showing how tough his form is. Among the 129 seats, there are 12 home runs and 31 points. Although the pirate team’s record this month is 15-14, it is more important to maintain competitiveness than anything else in the first level of the National League’s central area.

Yingda Han josheng Kan NHL said his NBA cousin praised ice hockey fashion aristocrats

April 12, CCTV hosted Han Qiaosheng (micro blog) and Yingda, a famous director and actor, were invited to the VIP sports reception room. The two teachers talked with netizens in the sports reception room about NHL North American professional ice hockey league, introduced ice hockey related knowledge to netizens, and compared NHL with NBA (Weibo), calling it the big cousin of NBA.

In 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Han Qiaosheng and Yingda cooperated to explain the ice hockey game of Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Although the Chinese audience is not very familiar with the ice hockey game, the media including Tencent and other sports channels in China will start broadcasting the NHL game on April 14, which will inevitably arouse the attention of Chinese sports fans to ice hockey.


NHL is the North American professional hockey league. NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB are also called the four major leagues in North America. Inda said NHL is very similar to the NBA, which Chinese audiences are familiar with. From draft to match system, NHL is similar to NBA. Like the NBA, there are 30 teams in North America. Most important cities have their own ice teams, and even international metropolises like New York have two NHL teams. From the beginning of the season to the end of the regular season, each team has 82 games, 41 at home and 41 away. For Han Qiaosheng’s statement that “NHL is NBA cousin“, Inda said that “more accurately, NHL should be NBA cousin”.

Inda, who has lived in the United States for many years, said ice hockey is a fashionable noble sport in the United States. Yingda said that it needs ice room and protective equipment to play ice hockey. It also needs to ask the coach for guidance. It consumes a lot of equipment and equipment and requires a lot of specifications. It can be described as a rich man’s sport. By contrast, basketball is more like the “poor people’s sport”, where you can see people playing basketball at will all over the United States.

Youren’s 2-1 victory over duckling at home

The oilers play ducks at home and captain Mike Davey will not be available for suspension.

At the beginning of the game, the ducklings launched a fierce offensive. The oiler team was unable to break through and was shot 7 times by the opponent in the first ten minutes. In 10 minutes time, the oil man team only then first time shoots the success. Cassian tried to play around the goal, but was blocked by duck goalkeeper Boyle. Drassetel received clifbum’s cross shot, and duck goalkeeper Boyle made a save. Josicori scored his first professional goal in the North American Hockey League with a goal in front of the goal, helping the oil men to lead 1-0. Lucic took the 300th assists of his career. At the end of the first quarter, the oilers led 1-0 temporarily, shooting ratio was 10-8.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the oilers mastered the attack rhythm and continued to attack. Ducklings fouled and delayed punishment. The oilers attacked with more players on the court. Draxel passed the ball skillfully. Geithner reflected accurately in front of the goal and scored. The oilers led 2-0. In the second half, cataloni helped the ducklings move back 10%.

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In the third quarter, the duckling Kessler foul was the first time the oilers got the chance to play hard, but Boyle made several full saves to block the chance to expand the score. With less than four minutes left in the game, the duckling team also got a chance to play hard, and the oilers strengthened their defense and held the lead. But the duckling’s Perry scored with only 45 seconds left, but because Enrique interfered with Koskinen in front of the door to save, because he interfered with the goalkeeper, the goal was blown away.

Goalkeeper Koskinen once again showed his courage to play, made 33 saves in the face of 34 shots, and kept the key victory with a saving rate of 0.971. Draxel scored one point in the second goal, the 20th in the last 13 games (12 goals, eight assists), and finally the oilers beat the ducklings 2-1 at home. After finishing three home games with 2-1, the oilers will start their longest five game away trip of the season.

The first female ice skater to report on NHL competition

Do you remember the woman who appeared in the all star skill challenge last weekend? Yes, as the gold medal winner of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, Kendall Koni shofeld, the forward of the U.S. women’s ice national team, took part in the fastest taxiing event of the skill challenge. She not only competed with the men’s Ice Champions such as Connor McDowell (14.346 is less than 1 second slower than McDowell, who won three consecutive titles in the event), but also became the first to take part in the NHL all star game Women players, write history.

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Just five days after the all star game, shofeld, 26, took on a new challenge in his life: in today’s Pittsburgh Penguin home game against Tampa Bay Lightning, shofeld visited nbcsn’s “Wednesday night” live room Hockey, together with host John FORSLUND and commentator Eddie olkzick, made a pre match report and participated in Pierre McGuire’s “inside the glass” session.

In this link, McGuire introduced and welcomed shofeld to the audience. First, he asked about shofeld’s feeling of participating in the all star game. Then he quickly cut into the main topic, invited shofeld to comment on the game and joked:

“You have to be a commentator, not a fan.”

It’s very difficult for the bucks to win 70 games. There are many problems in getting into the playoffs. The championship is not sure!

The bucks are 46-8 at the moment, with a winning rate of 85.52, ranking first this season. There are 28 games left in the regular season. If Milwaukee wants to reach the 70 win threshold, they will be the third team in history after the 1996 bulls and the 2016 warriors. For a team with 70 wins, the Bucks must play at least 24-4 to reach the standard. 85.57% is 24-4. It is very difficult for the team to reach the standard of 70 wins, but it is not impossible. 70 win and win, of course winning is more important. Last season, he won 60 league games for the first time, but was reversed by the Raptors in the eastern finals. Such experiences and lessons are unforgettable for bucks.

If the Bucks set the first record in the League for two years in a row, but they can’t win the championship for two years, in the summer of 2021, “no one can predict whether brother Letterman will stay in Milwaukee after jumping out of his contract. He may go to the heat, Celtic, or warriors, Lakers, to achieve the dream and goal of winning the championship. Alphabet brother doesn’t rule out playing in the NBA with two other brothers, which is also a family dream.


70 wins: may be difficult

With the remaining third of the regular season, Bucks still have 28 Games. In the final stage of sprint and playoff card position, the competition will be more difficult, the stubborn opponents will be more and more crazy, and the final 28 Games will be more difficult to maintain the winning rate of more than 85%. The other is to prepare for the playoffs. The team has sufficient manpower, complete bench depth and attack and defense weapons. There is no need to fight for 70 wins, adjust the situation, reduce injuries and meet more peak season conditions. In the playoffs, it’s the Bucks’ most important goal.

Turkey International Industrial Exhibition 2020

Turkey International Industrial Exhibition

1?? Exhibition summary

Time: March 12-15, 2020

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Organizing Committee: Hanover exhibition company & Hanover Exhibition (Turkey) Co., Ltd

Exhibition cycle: once a year

China agent: Beijing Hengtai Jiayi International Exhibition Co., Ltd


2?? Exhibition introduction

Turkey international industrial exhibition is the most important industrial exhibition in Turkey, and also the only international industrial manufacturing exhibition in Turkey. The exhibition is in the Black Sea area (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, Iran, Syria, Iraq) and the Mediterranean area (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia).

In 2019, Turkey international industrial exhibition has a total exhibition area of 34615 square meters, attracting over 1400 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, including Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc., including Siemens, ABB, Schneider, sew, Bosch Rexroth, fest O. Emersen, Parker, kontek, klemsan, Danfoss, Eaton, EMAS, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, elimko, Schaeffler and other internationally renowned enterprises attracted 77403 visitors from 122 countries. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and the largest industrial and shipping center in Turkey.

After the 5th century AD, it became the only way to Europe through the silk road. China’s silk, tea, porcelain and other goods are transported to Istanbul via the Silk Road and then transferred to Europe. With the shift of the world economic and political focus to the Asia Pacific region, Turkey began to turn its attention to the East while accelerating its economic transformation, and its “eastward” policy became increasingly obvious. China’s “westward” and Turkey’s “Eastward March” converge, and China and Turkistan will become a natural and important partner in building the “one belt and one road”. Building “one belt and one road” is an inevitable requirement for the development of Sino Turkish Relations.

Red skin appoints Jennifer king as team coach

Less than two weeks after Katie Sowers became the first woman to coach in the super bowl, another woman joined the NFL coaching team.

On Monday, redskin officially announced the appointment of Jennifer king as its full year coach trainee this season.

Gold and the current red skin coach Ron Rivera are destined for each other. In the off-season of 2018 and 2019, gold will practice in the Panther. In 2018, she helped lance Taylor take over from training, and in 2019, she was in charge of running guard.

“Jennifer is an excellent young coach and a rare talent for us,” Rivera said. She knows my requirements and hopes for the coach, and I know her work philosophy and preparation. That’s why I recruited her into the red skin. ”


Kim previously worked as an assistant attack instructor at Dartmouth University, mainly in charge of outside taking over. He had won the 9-1 record and the Ivy League Championship with the team. From 2006 to 2017, King played for the Carolina Phoenix in the women’s Rugby Federation, and was selected as the best team in the United States seven times. Nicknamed “little plane”, she served as an outside receiver and defensive guard for the New York sharks and won the women’s Football Federation championship in 2018 with her team.

In the short-lived American Football Federation last year, king also worked as a field assistant and secret service assistant for the Arizona firefighters.

American artists’ paintings of human body, hazy and sexy

Henry arsencio

American painter, (1971 -)

His works are characterized by a unique


The contemporary style integrates the classical ideal of concrete painting

Henry asencio is good at drawing human body

It’s about because he’s been a painting teacher at the art school for many years

The model in the college studio is the object he faces every day

It is reasonable to say that such traditional objects are the most difficult for people to find a way to go to modern times. However, in this most traditional subject matter, in the most limited studio space, and in the most conservative way of easel painting, he shows full modern taste, which makes people have to obey. His modern sense in human body painting is achieved by the way of human body posture, picture composition and description.

Western art attaches importance to objectivity, while western painting attaches importance to form similarity. Western painting emphasizes the use of color, typical of Raphael’s “Athens College”, which is the most essential difference between Western painting and Chinese painting. Western painting emphasizes the use of color, typical of Raphael’s “Athens College”. This is also the most essential difference between Western painting and Chinese painting.