Remadays, Warsaw, Poland

Poland (Warsaw) advertising exhibition is the largest in Poland and the second largest in central and Eastern Europe, hosted by Poznan exhibition group. It enjoys a good reputation in central and Eastern Europe. Last year, RemaDays gathered more than 100 enterprises from more than 10 countries around the world to participate in the event. Thousands of professional buyers came to seek business opportunities, innovation and development, and exchange new technologies to seek development. The theme of the exhibition is innovation and modernity. During the exhibition, a large number of new products emerged, such as energy-saving light box, led, etc. In 2017, the number of exhibitors increased by 50%. In 2018, the organizer will continue the successful experience of the last exhibition and introduce more new technologies. It is estimated that the exhibition area will exceed 25000 square meters. At the same time, it is also affected by the regional recovery of Russian market.


















Remadays, 760 exhibitors from 41 countries participated in the exhibition, with 21000 visitors, including 100 enterprises from more than 50 countries and 36% local Polish enterprises. 7000 parking spaces and supporting facilities around the exhibition hall provide a good atmosphere for professional visitors. At the same time, the remaprogress conference invited local industry leaders in Poland and delivered important speeches.

Number of exhibitors: 768 entrepreneurs, including 32 Chinese exhibitors.

Exhibition scale: 35000 square meters

Professional audience: more than 21000, up 10% over the years

Market environment: since Poland joined the EU, it has brought more stable and greater market access and financial assistance. In the next few years, the EU will inject 90 billion euros into Poland to improve its backward facilities.

D this will accelerate the development of Poland. Political stability and accession to the EU have made trade more free and convenient, cost reduced, market potential increased, and unique geographical and economic advantages have made it gradually become the economic development center of central and Eastern Europe. In 2009, in the context of the economic crisis, Poland is the only country in the European Union that has achieved positive growth. Why does its economy stand out among the EU countries. It is mainly beneficial to the growth of personal consumption of Polish residents and the relative stability of the financial system. In the near future, Poland will become Europe’s fifth or sixth economy after Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain.

Remadays is an annual exhibition held by ptak Warsaw Expo. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Polish market. Remadays attracted 811 exhibitors in the last exhibition. The number of merchants reached 26000. The exhibition was held in ptak Warsaw Expo, Ptak International Exhibition Center, Warsaw, Poland It will cover an area of 25000 square meters.

Velander’s third non hit game in his career

Houston’s astronaut is visiting Toronto’s Bluebird, and astronaut starter Justin velander is pitching his third no hit game of his career.

In this age of starters, five starters, and a lack of joint security, velander tells us what dominance is. When you see velander getting the last number of exits, raising his hands in the air and cheering, you know that no one – except perhaps Max shezer of the national team – can represent the “ace pitcher” better than velander.

641 (4)

Take the ordinary non hit game as the standard, then velander’s pitch level in this game can be said to be much higher than the average. He walked Kavan Biggio, his second hitter, and then there was no Bluebird player to go to first base. Velander faced 28 hitters in a row, losing half of them in the third, eighth in the no hit game. The 98 point pitcher was 13th in nine innings of no hits, the highest in the league and his career this season.

Every time there is a hit, there will be a lot of strange data involved, this time there is no hit is no exception. First of all, it’s willand’s third no hit game, a total of just seven for Nolan Ryan and four for sandy Koufax, equalling Bob Feller, Larry corcorcoran and Cy Young.

Lena signed 5 million Chicago Black Hawks a year, and these strong players won short-term contracts

While many teams are competing for the big fish in the free market, some teams are trying to tap the potential of players by signing short-term contracts instead of the hot big contracts. In contrast to big contracts, short-term contracts can reduce the risk of signing teams. There are some simple analysis methods when the team judges which short-term contracts are worth more. In addition to the obvious goals and assists, the ability of attack organization when the number of players is equal, the ability to create opportunities for teammates and the ability to create potential shooting opportunities are also important indicators for teams to investigate short-term contracts.

641 (8)

Take these indicators to see the short contract players, and you can find the following short contract players who are most likely to be worth more.

Robin Lerner (goalkeeper) Chicago Black Hawk 1 year 5 million contract

Reina was named the best goalkeeper of the three last season, the 27 year old goalkeeper hit 93% of the save success rate, second only to bishop in the league. Of all the goalkeepers who have played more than 30 times in the league, Lerner ranked fifth with 93.4% of the saves in 5-5. Looking at the past four seasons, his 92.4% saving success rate when the number is equal ranks 11th among all goalkeepers who have played more than 150 times in the league.

From the Black Hawk’s point of view, Corey Crawford is not young at 34. In the past two seasons, he has suffered serious injuries and only played 67 games. Lena’s strength is enough to compete with his team’s starting goalkeeper. If Crawford is injured, Lena will be the best starting candidate.

Mlb24 review: Marlin wins Philadelphia warriors 14 sets

Major league baseball has played 14 games. The results are as follows: National 9-3 bear, ray 7-1 oriole, red man 2-3 pirate, Royal 1-4 Indian, warrior 2-1 metropolis (14 Bureau), Philadelphia 11-19 marlin, angel 4-5 spaceman, tiger 9-6 twin cities, Ranger 3-8 white socks, rattlesnake 1-6 brewer, rocky 3-8 cardinal, Yankee 10-2 Dodge, red socks 11-0 priest, Bluebird 4-7 sailor.

641 (10)

Washington National 9-3 Chicago bear

In the first half of the first set, Adam Eaton opened up and the nation led 1-0. In the first half of the third set, Trevor Turner’s high flying sacrifice changed the score to 2-0. In the first half of the fourth set, the shooting partners Suzuki Qing and anibar Sanchez each hit an hit to return one point, 4-0. In the first half of the fifth inning, the national hit 3 points, 7-0, on the second base of the shooter and Victor Robles. In the first half of the seventh inning, Juan Soto fired the Yangchun cannon, 8-0. In the first half of the ninth set, Howie Kendrick’s second base hit extended the score to 9-0. In the second half of the ninth set, the cubs returned three points, 9-3, thanks to defensive errors and hits from Nicholas Castellanos and Anthony Rizzo.

National team starter Anibal Sanchez lost 2 points in 8.1 innings, and sent 6 strikeouts to win in 1 point. Line up, all the people hit. The cubs starter Joan Leicester scored 6 points in the 4.1 innings and sent out 2 strikeouts to swallow the losing shot.