10 articles after reading advertisement fetishism

If “Chengpin side effect” let me see Li Xinpin’s strange words, then “advertisement fetishism” let me see Li Xinpin’s own style of writing.

When I was writing a copywriter, I heard that the most requirement of leaders and Party A is whether you can write the copywriting like “China on the tip of the tongue” or a official account. When meeting the most direct leaders, they like to turn over other people’s copywriting. They either ask me to write something beyond it or learn how others write. As time goes by, I have seen a lot. I have lost my own creative style. Continuous learning and imitation have made me go too far. For Li Xinpin to have his own creative style, I think in the advertising industry, it is really valuable. As an old saying goes: eat every move.

In the advertisement fetishism, there is a copy that she wrote when she was 19 years old:

Title: ambush before May 20th

At 7:10am, a group of standard men and women paradoxically traveled west to the third section of bade Road, and 24000 noises aroused their desire to understand the whole body, which was extremely sexy.

At 8:10am, 800 prophets suffering from epidemic allergies were obstinately moving eastward on the East Road of Chang’an, consuming sharp class prejudice in rare time and space, and flashing a new direction of enjoying consumption in traffic lights.

At 9:45am, the Puritans who advocated the philosophy of low-level consumption ethics leaned in the direction of Allah from Heping East Road. All the rituals were properly controlled and only a few deadly wildness were infiltrated.

At 10:59am, a minute before ye Xia was hungry, three beautiful women waiting for crazy purchase were lying in wait at the gate of five-star hotel. They were determined not to invite perfect men.


At 11:00am, people who had been drinking alcohol all night suddenly woke up. The high temperature of Fuxing North Road was restricted by their pleasure, and even some people were moved to cry.

It can be said that from the first copy she wrote, she had her own style of copy in it. But at this time, the copy she wrote was too biased towards the stream of consciousness, forgetting who the subject of the copy was written to, and using words (I don’t know if it’s the reason of the two cultures) that were a little confusing.