Which number will James wear when he gives up No. 23? Or disciplines than retired two jerseys

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have not yet joined hands on the pitch, but James can’t wait to give Davis his first assists.


According to Yahoo Sports, James will give up No. 23 to Davis. ESPN confirmed the news later.

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Next, James faces the situation of re-selecting numbers. Although ESPN and Dave McMenamen, who has a good personal relationship with James, reveal that people around James believe that James will wear No. 6 in the hot season, and James is suspicious of responding in social media, it is not clear what James will choose. He has no other choice.

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At present, James’s most likely number is No. 6, which he chose after his switch to the Heat in 2010. No. 6 means as much to James as No. 23. His other idol, Dr. J. Owen, wears No. 6. That’s why he joined the Heat and chose No. 6.

In addition, James wore the No. 6 shirt for the national team to win the Olympic championship, which is an honor for him.

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If James didn’t choose No. 6, which number would he choose? Anyway, 32, which meant so much to him, could no longer be used. At St. Mary’s High School, James wore No. 32 when he led the team to the first championship, and No. 32 was another number used by Dr. J. Irving. But because No. 32 was retired, James could not use it.

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James can choose No. 9. This is the number James used at the 2004 Athens Olympics. It was also the number Jordan used at the Olympics. However, this number was used by Rondo last season, and Rondo has been wearing No. 9 since his career. If Rondo leaves, James can choose No. 9.

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This time James is still playing for the Lakers and changing numbers is limited. According to league rules, if a player changes numbers while playing for a team, he needs to buy all the old shirts on the market. If a player applies for a change before the March deadline, he may not have to buy all the old shirts on the market. Obviously, James suddenly announced the change of number today. He had to buy all the No. 23 James jerseys on the market.

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