Which NCAA schools can use their own players to build a strong NBA Dynasty team?

There are only two:u=3830413778,1772864478&fm=26&gp=0UCLA and North Carolina. The core of the problem lies in the last four words: dynastic team. What dynastic teams need: regardless of salary and age, we need at least one or more top 20 superstars as the cornerstone, plus n all stars, plus a reasonable lineup. Few famous schools can do this. Here’s a few chestnuts: by 2019, the five universities that delivered the most players to the NBA were Kentucky (107) UCLA (97) North Carolina (90), Duke (83), Kansas (72), which are also well known to five Chinese fans. If you take it for granted, Kentucky University will surely be able to use its historical players to form an invincible warship in the parallel world NBA.


But I don’t think so. Looking at Kentucky’s No. 100 players, the most famous ones are Antony Davis, Downes, wall, Rondo, cousins, Prince, Bradshaw, big fat Antony walker, monster Mashburn. There are so many all stars, no one has won the hard core honor, and the scoring guard and small forward basically belong to a vacuum. I would like to believe that this team can win the championship, but with other teams Compared with the famous dynastic teams, they are obviously inferior to each other.