when he played the Spurs in 1314

I’m a little busy. Now I’m also verifying our statement, right? He’s over extended. The possibility of cramps is not very high. Why, the possibility of cramps? You should go up in the fourth quarter. Then James, when he played the Spurs in 1314, got a big leg cramp. Then the fourth quarter didn’t go up as usual. There is no problem. The cramp can be eased. You can also see the cramp on the football field, right? Stretch it, right? Slow down, then go up. There is almost no whole fourth quarter. Under the condition of discount, the following is very important. Oh, if you play zero to two, you have to face the early judgment. In this case, when there is no play in the fourth quarter at the critical moment, I think that, er, the probability of stretching coverage strain caused by excessive extension is very great. Well, now there is our saying that the big probability of the third game is that it can’t block well. Then I’ll test some of my lineups. Can Durant come out? Ah, I don’t think it can come out. Ah, maybe it’s the third game, which is the most difficult and also the embarrassing situation of lack of soldiers. If you want to fight a raptor, there are also injuries, and Lori is also injured. Right, what kind of moral help is it? But the two injuries may be still.


The situation is not so serious, ah, so it’s not the key part, right? So, well, the winner is on one side, the warriors fans are really the champion for three consecutive times. Ah, it’s hard. It’s good to be green. It’s not that the life is thin and the fortune is shallow. Ah, there’s no life in it. It’s just tomorrow’s game.

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