When Dragic rebounded with Rondo in the first half, his plantar fascia was torn

From the middle and later part of the second quarter to the end of the third quarter, the score of the Lakers against the heat was 83-44, 39 points ahead of the opponent at the most time. Now, the heat are fierce, troublesome, out of the line-up and experience of the unequal, there are large areas of injuries, delajic in the first half and Rondo to grab rebounds, ah, plantar fascia tear.

You are sure you can’t take part in Butler’s two encirclement and suppression in the remaining finals. However, he said that he would insist on playing by himself next time. Adebayor played six minutes in the third quarter and injured his shoulder. He said he would wear it too. Then how to line up in the second game? What’s the main content? I think we should give up and let the Olympic team return to the starting line.

Don’t waste the second defensive formation against Davis in August. After member Dragic’s products, ANN can return to the starting line. In the regular season, they were originally in this line-up. Ronaldo can continue to be his sixth man. Then, Robinson is gnawing. Ah, he will propose to change Claude from the starting line. The five to one line-up is Olivina Adebayor.

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