What should we learn from Japanese advertising marketing?

I used to work in Japan, also for work reasons, and for a long time in Europe and America. I can’t say that101¬†and marketing methods must always be the best, but I believe they must be the most suitable for Chinese people to think and learn. In fact, Wang Shi and Lei Jun are also “Pro Japanese” in Internet thinking, Wang Shi once said that since he first visited Japan in 1986, he began to learn from Japan. At that time, he had not yet done real estate. He finally practiced a way to learn from Japan and combine it with the modern enterprise concept of China. This is also the purpose and significance of my writing after returning home from work, that is, to share the thinking mode of Japanese Internet that we should ponder and learn, and to connect with Chinese Internet.


After all, objectively speaking, Japan’s Internet is far ahead of China’s. for example, as early as 2001, Japan was the first country to introduce 3G technology. Today, our products and services on the mobile can trace the shadow left by Japan. For example, the familiar Emoji (emoticon), this is NTT in Japan DoCoMo launched a small module of e-mail editing service in the first year of 3G. Its humanistic feelings and the most original and natural way of communication design can be described as commendable.