What kind of experience is it to draw a painting 100 times more expensive than Monet’s?

At the world exposition in Paris in 889, Theo van Gogh, Van Gogh’s younger brother, sold a painting by Monet, the Impressionist master, to an American for 9000 francs. Until 1899, the market price of seven groups of water lilies of Monet’s works was only 5000-7000 francs. In 1890, there was a painter who actually sold a piece of his works to an astonishing 850000 francs (almost 100 times the price of Monet’s works in the same period) – he was the famous painter of French Academy, messinae.


Jean Louis Ernst meissonier (1815-1891), — French painter. Born in Lyon on February 21, 1815, died in Paris on January 31, 1891. Good at custom painting and military theme creation. The strokes are exquisite and full of life interest. Artistic style is different from Romanticism and realism. Because some of his works reflect the historical events of Napoleon’s expedition, he was awarded the Grand Cross Medal of honor. Messianier is also Dali’s most respected academic painter. In the 19th century, French painting held a sacred position. Both the old and the new rich in Europe and America were proud to order one of his paintings at a high price. The most influential work is the expedition to France in 1814. His works are collected in museums in Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels and New York.