What is the nickname of NHL team?

Buffalo Sabres

In 1970, team owners Seymour Knox III and Northrup Knox held a naming contest after they got the NHL operating license. They wanted to give the team a nickname different from Buffalo or bison. They want a unique nickname, so they stand out in about 13000 suggestions, beating all the candidates includinghttps://www.irononsticker.com/embroidery-patches-hockey-embroidered-patches-c-5431_5435.html, buzzing bees and flying zeppelins. The reason for choosing the sabre is that “the sabre is known as a clean, sharp, decisive and penetrating weapon in attack, and also a powerful defensive weapon”.


Calgary Flames

Atlanta was granted an expansion franchise by the NHL Alliance on December 9, 1971, which gave birth to the flame team. According to Stephen Laroche’s book “changing the game: a history of NHL expansion”, flame won only 198 out of 10000 votes. Tom cousins, the team’s first boss, finally chose fire as a tribute to the allies in Atlanta during the civil war.

The flame made six playoffs in the Stanley Cup in Atlanta’s first eight seasons. On May 21, 1980, the team was transferred to Nelson skalbania’s group and moved from Atlanta To Calgary in the 80-81 season. Also after voting, the team kept the nickname of flame, but changed the logo from flame “a” to flame “C”.