Western 6, 7, 8 are all idiots!

Yesterday, I once saw a report on Tencent News. It was also a we media. Anyway, I was very cold to we media. I don’t like it very much. Generally speaking, there are a lot of nonsense. Maybe our cognition of basketball is different from others, or it’s our own level. It’s just for eye-catching. I can’t even get it. Talking about the operation of the Nuggets, I have a look at it. It must be, um, I believe some friends have already seen it, and they have already seen it. So let’s talk about it again. Say that the live operation of the Nuggets is good. How can it be good.


Well, push thunder to eighth, let Rockets play thunder, deliberately lose. This is intentional water release and so on. Er, I think it’s postmenopausal team. It doesn’t have the qualification, strength and brain power. Ah, to think about this kind of problem, how to expend oneself, how to play? I really think that I can control the situation, ah, how can I choose the opponent? I decide to fight against this team, no matter who goes up in the second half of the Western Conference, you have to say, iron kidney must win 4-0. Sweep the opponent 4-1

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