Wait for a brother!

Let’s talk about it. Igordala of the Grizzlies went on to the last program. Before we said that, we had to tell some black powder fans that we were right every time, and it was natural that we were right. Unfortunately, why does the goddess of victory and luck always stand on our side, so we should consider this question carefully. If you think that there is any problem, if you think that you have a high level, ah, strong foresight ability, right? Let’s discuss one. This reality, the problem is to test your real level, ah, don’t copy us, ah, don’t reach an agreement with us, ah, let’s talk about a Dalai Lama. Now there are some netizens and many netizens, waiting for a dalana to be cut off by grizzly bear.


In my personal opinion, it is not possible under the current situation. Under the current situation, it is not possible. If the deadline for trading is February 1, if the deadline is February 1, then the position will be smooth from January to February.

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