Van Jordan! I’ll blow you up, Leonard!

First of all, let’s stress that we accept the face slapping of Paul George fans. We don’t accept the face slapping of any fans. In the scope of discussion, we didn’t take Paul George into account, and we couldn’t take it into consideration. It’s just. The team, under the current situation, can introduce the possibility of that, right? First of all, raptors fans ah, those so-called Jamie heirs, you fully face, 1 + 1 and the so-called 1 + 1 contract are in harm? According to reliable news, Paul George, asked to trade, until the Clippers want to leave the thunder trading road. Turn quickly. As we said before, Paul George signed with the thunder team is a wrong demonstration. It’s wrong. These two years are a round of swimming, which has paid a heavy price and wasted precious youth time. Now, we have made a correct choice. There is no problem. Paul George joined the Clippers and is now a team mate of the Clippers.


In this case, the introduction of Leonard, it is logical that if Paul George is in, a new team can join the Clippers. Ah, OK, the Clippers are the team that has the most competition for Leonard. The quantity has been so large that it has been waiting for so many days. Why are you waiting? Why are you waiting for Paul George.

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