Uncle plans to usurp the throne

In the front of the program, we don’t have time to listen to the 2000 program in 1970. It doesn’t matter. Let’s start from now on. Let’s say that there is no big accident. It mainly refers to the injury. Then Owen is this season, or the scoring champion in the 191-20 season. This is how he played. He can even do this. Judging from two aspects, the first is that Durant will not recover this season. There is no need because the nets play in the playoffs. Depends on, other teams, in the end, want to play bad, ah, how much determination each team, can play the playoff nets, this way, you can see the situation can play the seventh eighth Durant, there is no sense, such a basket team met 123 East 123.

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Directly, it was swept away by 4:0. Don’t think that Owen and Durant are so powerful that they can’t make it. It’s impossible that Durant can’t come back from injury. I think that after cooking and pasting, he has to risk a second injury. It’s not like taking good care of herself. It’s her only way to make money. Ah, so Durant’s health is very important, not in the performance, not in the long-term good or bad, so this is the first judgment, the second judgment is Owen, she has changed, he now may also think that the Celtic team’s operation mode is a failure or a self. Can not, bear, ah, a play, or a leader, play

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