Time is the cure for all wounds

I’m deeply grieved and heartbroken. I can’t recover. So this program can’t be done. James can’t play the playoffs. We’re going to give up this show. We’re typical Jamie. James retired. Let’s not do the show. I’m kidding. Well, that Laker fan, James fan, is very sad. We express the same concern and grief. Hum, we can’t play the playoffs. I can’t do it, right? I can’t pay more than two weeks.


In two weeks, we said that it was very difficult, very difficult, very difficult, but we didn’t say it directly. We said at that time that James had the right to take part in the impact playoffs, and he often had to average three doubles and hide three doubles to have the possibility that you could not reach triple doubles. Don’t think about it. You can see that there are a lot of problems, but I don’t think about it. Professional players always have peaks and valleys. From the perspective of personal ability, James is still at the top all the time, just the team. Are these young players really unable to support ah Dou? It’s really better for the Cavaliers to have good luck with a group of veteran generals and old men. So, er, the main problems are summarized by a large number of netizens, I think there are some. It’s quite up to standard. My personal judgment is that in my personal summary, two words are young, too young. You think you are relatively young, right? Well, the beauty is in charge of the whole empire Dynasty of the Lakers, right? It’s too young. The helmsman will be empty.

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