Thunder is waiting for you!

The attack of public opinion, right? Warriors fans, please, we can only say bonsai, ah, but on the Internet, Feng Ping, you can see that one side of the opposition is asking Durant to play after losing the fourth game. No one blame Thomson for his hairiness. Just like Durant didn’t pay, and because Durant didn’t come back, the warriors left the Cavaliers 1-3 behind, right? This is not my nonsense. I believe you can see why, why should Durant take the responsibility for losing the game? The program of the testimony of our NBA cobbler has gone from last year to now, I believe. Everyone thinks that I am Du Hei. So, after listening to my several programs, should I still think I am Du Hei? First of all, we say that we are a fair and impartial program. We should look at the problem from a neutral point of view. So, if there is a right or wrong, we should say that it is fat, right? Durant lies in this matter.


He doesn’t have to bear any responsibility. He just because his personal nerves are too sensitive, no strong heart, and no strong heart. His source is easy to be provoked by others, ah, by public opinion. Instigated by the public opinion and criticized by the public opinion, Durant, er, er, has no clear mind. We can only say that he has no clear mind and is motivated. Now Durant has to bear some responsibility for the result, but this is quite few. Compared with that time, we can see how the thunder team protected Durant. For example, the thunder team, ah, the last few games, there were almost seven or eight balls in the last few games, and five or six games. The playoff tickets were close at hand. Durant was also injured, but the thunder team did not. Brent played any game, a game is to play a ball to be able to enter the playoffs, warriors have only one goal, thunder only one goal is to enter the playoffs, Wei Shao that year, ah, can’t support, ah, why that year alone, love a person to lead the team.

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