Thompson and green of the green warriors

Walker kenbabcock is a player who is seriously overvalued and can’t be renewed with the top salary. Because of ANN Anthony, all this has affected many players’ free players. In the free market, the evaluation, er, including whether or not Jimmy Butler will go again, has also been relaxed. Before we predicted that the 76ers would renew the contract of Jimmy Butler, but now the Lakers have formed a double giant. Now, if Jimmy Butler is willing to come to the Laker, let’s face it. Starbucks, a player’s top salary, I think it’s worth it. As we said before, there are three options for the Lakers to make up this summer. The first option is the best. Thompson and green of the green warriors will consume the overall strength of the warriors, so this year. The warriors, including the warriors next season, will be uncompetitive. Therefore, it is the best time for the Lakers or other Western teams to compete in arms race to win the Western championship. The second option is that Leonard and Jimmy Butler are strong, so they can go further in the playoffs and play the finals.


Absolutely, the advantage of the third option, Anthony Davis, plus Owen, there can be no problem in other players, ah, in the case of other players do not have, ah, in the case of other players Thompson, Glen Leonard, Jimmy Butler Do not get Anthony Davis and Owen are also among the Laker is the ideal thing to see. Anthony Davies, once the two giants are formed, you can bring in the team. You should remember that you can bring in the players who want to compete for the championship and want to join the team in the free market. Now, it is the one who puts the resume fast and the price is low. Of course, I always think that the Lakers want to win the championship, to get the championship easily, and the champion can get the total more easily. The champion, Leonard is the first target and the most important day.

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