They have completely exposed their problems in the first two games

In the first round of the 2016-17 season playoffs, Bulls beat Celtic with softness. Friends may be taller, stronger, more talented, and more star like. However, they can’t be tough for a long time, but they can’t keep their softness. Celtics use their own.

In fact, some willful and long-lasting, after the series won, litchi, immediately walked east to the middle of the standing skills, including investment, contracts and active fall to the ground sacrifice skills, on the whole, although the Celtics are the first in the East.

In the first two games, they completely exposed their problems. Compared with the bulls, their physique suffered, their sports talent was insufficient, and their smell was not enough. They had to lose the third sister NBA championship and the champion, and jorendo played in the Celtics.

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