then Owen and Durant are obviously stronger

Well, I’d like to make some personal comments on this. Ah, in the case of the last goal, who should be handed over to James. Don’t say Zan mu, Captain Si can’t make two points. It’s not the most accurate way to make a breakthrough. If you can’t drag in when you’re defending the joint defense, then Owen and Durant are obviously stronger. Leonard must be excluded. There is another ah, this, er, James Harden.


It’s such a combination, ah, the ball to James, right? James to organize, right? He passes to who doesn’t need to go, singles terminal singles at this time is the most stupid way to do, the most stupid way is to take responsibility, but a friend has to ask, ah, players are not many in the last ball. Singles and superstar singles, right? Well, it depends on the absolute core of the team to play singles, right? That’s because at this time, there are only one or two such players in team B. right? When you have five all star players, you don’t need such tactics. Is that right? If the opponent is not five all stars. Do you still use such tactics? Go again, singles, ah, cook for three to two, showing absolute superiority. Then the ball control must be empty. In this way, lock it and let him distribute it. It can break through and create better opportunities for passing. So, we are still discussing Durant’s final goal. Owen, there is no relationship between two points and one point in playing the ball. One point, two points and three points are all given to James, because only he has the absolute ability to control the overall situation among the five people on the court. Ah, er, that’s the end of this program. I hope my favorite friends can subscribe and see what games there are tomorrow.

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