The title of first brother is not a false name!

This media, ah, in the case of unknowns, so as to avoid repeated inquiries, repeatedly asking that you will be injured, how can you not play a small commodity.


When, when, when, and when you play this team, it will cause a lot of psychological shadow and psychological burden. Therefore, we have made some decisions, such as Durant, which are not good for you, have direct damage to you, and great damage to yourself. Just like Durant, then for the team. I think we should take the primary responsibility. Ah, this responsibility should take full responsibility. We have done this before, right? Now, warriors fans, Durant fans, but what else can we say about Curie fans? You have to admit that we don’t want to force this bull. It’s amazing, right? We’re real bulls. We’ve said Durant’s injury lasted two weeks. It’s not good. There’s a problem. He’s either a calf strain or a Achilles tendon strain. The first injury is a Achilles tendon strain. You can say from igorda, the world, including the previous one. Ah, a lot of these information, so the warriors really concealed Durant’s injury. Then, Durant’s first injury was Achilles tendon strain, which is already on the table, and the fact is indisputable.

I don’t know, right or wrong, the truth, these netizens, these fake fans, these brain pals, what else can you say to us, NBA stink, cobbler’s big talk, we have to say that a godala is an athlete. In terms of football skills, or personality, almost all of them are impeccable. You have to see, oh, in the circle of fans, there are so many fans and friends going to black, the warriors go to black, Durant is naive, black green is valuable, including black slag patruria in black library.

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