The same tactical clippers never cracked

They will also wear these three points. If the Clippers are tight in defense and joachic and catcher launch the second wave of attack, then I specially made a schematic demonstration of this tactic. There are two identical tactics. They all use the same way to shoot the key three points, one in two points.

Two minutes and 20 seconds, and the other is in two minutes and 06 seconds. Although you can see, although the final passer is Craig and Murray, the global people are different, but the tactics are the same soldier, the clippers have never cracked, the same attack once again directly killed the game, and at that time, it made the score become 100.

109-93, 16 points ahead, with only two minutes left in the game, so the problem with the clippers is not whether they feel good or not, or the defense, especially the rotation stage, which seems to be difficult to solve in just two days. Therefore, it is not alarmist that the clippers have a bit of trouble, even if the seven snatches have passed the Nuggets.

After running through them, they have been observing and passing for several days. They are like a government game, but their father is the lowest on the bench. The sixth game dropped to – 19, even implicated George, and made her have ugly earplugs in statistics. Because, ah, George always takes their substitutes to play for a long time. Although Luwei keeps an average of 10.5 points per game, her attack is still the same.

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