The player I’m introducing to you today is Corey brewer

The player introduced to you today is Corey brewer. On March 17, 2018, thunder won the clippers and scored 22 points. It is worth mentioning that this is Corey brewer coming to the thunder. After the seventh game, in place of Houston after starting, Hulunbeier in five consecutive starting field average contribution of 12.8 points and 3.1 rebounds, she is no longer the team cancer in everyone’s eyes, but with thunder this team very much.

A player who loves to laugh is like finding his old time with his mentor Donovan at the University of Florida. He has recovered his original innocent smile. Maybe only when he plays under his master, Dole can return to his infatuation. Ah, hofford fought side by side and won NCCA for two years. Thunder coach, Donovan Snoring is my love

As for a selfless guy, it’s common for us to exchange courtyards, but when you’ve been changing teams, you’ll also feel upset and sad. Talking about brewer’s career, you can’t help but associate these words with vagrant trading. So far, she has changed seven teams, and all the balls on the team can make up for the seven colors of the rainbow.

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