The initiative is in the hands of letters

After Durant made an amazing choice, the transmission from the beginning to the end was sealed in history. Now, many teams including the warriors have turned the secret surge into semi public seduction. The initiative is in the hands of letters. The Bucks can only be this diehard.

That letter won’t renew their contract ahead of time. Bucks are like thunder in 2015, and will not know his choice after the end of the next season. Or, if next year is out of the game as badly as these two years, the Bucks don’t have to be like thunder in 2016, needless to say, you can guess the dead party.

There will be rewards in the autumn without commitment. For example, the Raptors won the championship even if Leonard stayed for only one year. But in that year, the Raptors were not difficult to choose. They were ready to leave. So after winning the championship, they broke up, Mengmeng and she were polite bucks and thunder.

The teacher is not very good. They put their hope on the letter and the future of the team. Once Durant left, it was gone. Why? After Durant left, he took the MVP. The Bucks didn’t expect Middleton to get the MVP. The letters also have their own difficulties. This team has raised her for seven years.

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