the Grizzlies are going to do

Now is the era of burning money. Duncan has retired. Ah, Duncan’s player of historical level. He is the Spurs’ team. Now, 20 years of luck has passed. You can see the competitiveness of the Spurs in recent years. Well, it’s not enough. It’s not competitive. It’s a little bit bad. But the skinny camel is bigger than the man. With Popovich, it’s careless. Ah, don’t expect too much about this kind of trade. Let’s change it. Unless, ah, there’s something wrong with the grizzly bear’s brain. Now, the Grizzlies. There is no clear point, but there are reports that, ah, the Grizzlies are going to do, trade or compete with the Hornets. This can be changed with the first round signing. Anyway, it’s better than me. We said it’s also a garbage contract. If we change the first round, it’s not right, then the Grizzlies will not lose, and the family will be able to get rid of it.


Ah, this contract can also be solved. If we lose the Grizzlies, if we want to make a deal, it’s a bad contract. If you come here, it’s a bad contract. In the past, I didn’t want a bad contract. Basically, don’t think about it. The all star level deal is still under consideration. Kang, Lijia, Xiaojia are stupid to replace Lori’s big Wallen.

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