The first goal is to limit harden

They are not allowed. The first goal is to limit harden. I believe that limiting the harden Lakers is the goal. He only made 12 shots and hit six, including four three-point shots and 13 free throws. Compared with the first round, harden’s number of brutes was significantly reduced. For the thunder, Hadden made 20.3 shots per game.

More than eight free throws, even in the first game against the Lakers, he made 20 shots and 12 free throws. However, harden is still as efficient as ever. However, the score of the last game will be 27 points this time, while Gordon’s 24 points will be similar to the 23 points in the previous game. Alas, different knowledge.

There are 24 points on the back reduced to 10 points, which is the biggest change of the three musketeers of the Rockets in the last game. The round trip from leading 21 points to falling 5 points is the reversal of 26 points. You need to be calm and adhere to the established strategy, which requires enough confidence and determination. Do you want to say that the Lakers are not flustered? I don’t believe it.

That’s the inside information brought by the old team and the old star. Rondo was judged for foul making, and the defending foul was challenged for the Laker. Then, when the referee was watching the video, Rondo was surrounded by James Davis, carluso and Morris. Rondo in that scene was really like a coach. It was simple. Rondo was much better than the last one.

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