The East ushers in a new king!

The Lakers have also brought in some shooters and Ozu Bartz, and changed moscara. Ah, there are friends, big brothers who talk about the space type big front space line and big brother. Three points, I personally think it’s useless. Take it and see it. In fact, well, this operation, we said before, is why it doesn’t work. Don’t expect it. If this kind of player can be useful in the playoffs, then the Laker team-mates will be a top loser after playing these young players. I don’t expect it. Ah, there are friends who say that it’s about Anthony. As we said before, Anthony wants to come to the Lakers. First, we need to deal with Anthony Davis. After that, we can cut some veteran’s base salary, ah, this, this, this, and Cameron has passed.

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Well, now that all the players are in the situation, the stars return to their positions. Although it was a bit chaotic before, right? It made people panic. I think this thing has been done very badly, really bad. Today’s game, ah, if you lose the Lakers, it’s really bad luck. It’s really down the road, and the morale is lax. That is, why do you want to win the ball. It’s very special. It reflects things. Ah, it’s a good sign to pull him out and beat him. Jiqi is a good signal. James is lucky, and he’s really good