The creative process of fashion design

Costume design is a process of artistic creation and a unity of artistic conception and expression. Designers usually have an idea and an idea, and then collect information to determine the design plan. The main contents of the scheme include: the overall style of clothing, theme, shape, color, fabric, clothing accessories design, etc. At the same time, the internal structure design, size determination and specific cutting and sewing and processing technology should also be carefully considered to ensure that the final work can fully reflect the original design intention.

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The idea of costume design is a kind of very active thinking activity. The idea usually takes a period of time to form gradually, and may also be inspired suddenly by a certain trigger. Natural flowers, plants, insects and fish, mountains and rivers, historical sites, painting and sculpture in the field of literature and art

Plastic, dance music and ethnic customs and other social life can give iron on stickers designers endless sources of inspiration. New materials emerge constantly, constantly enrich the designer’s performance style. The vast world provides infinite and broad materials for fashion design conception, and designers can dig themes from all aspects. In the process of conceiving, the designer can express the thinking process by sketching out the clothing sketch, and then draw out the detailed clothing design drawing after the modification and supplement.

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